October 03, 2013

Funds for undergraduate research and creative activities

Faculty or staff members have an opportunity to apply for funding to support undergraduate students in their research or creative activities. The Undergraduate Assistantship Program will provide funding to support undergraduate assistants for 10 hours weekly beginning in the Fall 2014 semester. Mentors apply for assistantship funding and select the student, who should work on a project related to their career paths. Application will be available on the website of the Center at the end of the fall semester. The student has to do a poster presentation of the project at the Undergraduate Research Forum in 2015. Application for the Saluki Research (Creative Activities) Rookie program, which provides stipends to support freshman or sophomore student, is currently available at www.srrp.siu.edu. Deadline for application is Oct. 15. Please encourage your students to apply. Contact the center at 453-4433 or by email at curca@siu.edu with questions about either program.