October 03, 2013

Ceremony, reception honors 80 retirees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale honored 80 retirees at a retirement ceremony and reception earlier this week in the SIU Student Center.

Chancellor Rita Cheng also honored 354 university service award recipients at the ceremony, which honored employees who retired between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, and four employees who retired after June 30 who received service awards.

The retiring employees had 1,446 years of combined experience with the university.  Of these retirees, 28 had 20 or more years of service to SIU Carbondale, eight had 30 or more years, and one employee had 43 years of service.

Here are the retirees listed by hometowns, departments and years of service.


Alto Pass

Joseph John Patrick, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.


Susan Veronica Aud, Office of Teacher Education, 20 years.


Keith E. Gale, Physical Plant Service, 8 years.


Donald L. Bixler, University Ombudsman, 11 years.


James L. Allison, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.

Linda L. Benz, Stenographic Institutional Research and Studies, 33 years.

Katheryn J. Fifarek, Geology/School of Medicine Carbondale Administration, 5 years.

Christine Lynn Gilbert, Plant and Service Operations, 22 years.

Paul Henry, Medical Education-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 43 years.

Charles A. Hofling, Anthropology, 17 years.

James L. LeBeau, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 27 years.

Judith C. Lewis, Political Science, 14 years.

William Thomas McDowell, Academic Support-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 21 years.

Philip G. Reed, University Housing, 20 years.

John G. Reimbold, Rehabilitation Institute/Clinical Center, 24 years.

Mary Anne Rohrer, University Press, 19 years.

Kenneth Oliver Simpson, Rehabilitation Institute, 18 years.

Alberta Jean Skaggs, English, 12 years.

Lynn C. Smith, Curriculum and Instruction, 28 years.

Jennifer Jo Stanley, Kinesiology, 5 years.

Gary W. Starwalt, Information Technology, 6 years.

Jeffrey Ray Tally, Accounting Services, 29 years.

Jan E. Waggoner, Curriculum and Instruction/College of Education and Human Services, 22 years.

Jeanine F. Wagner, School of Music, 28 years.

George Patrick Wiedlocher, University Farms, 25 years.

Mehdi R. Zargham, Computer Science, 30 years.


Rebecca Sue Armstrong, Professional Constituencies Office, 33 years.

Judith K. Capie, AIS Office, 16 years.

Sue C. Cavins, School of Law, 18 years.

Paula Jean Clendenen, Financial Aid Office, 29 years.

Allen Dale Latch, Center for Teaching Excellence, 9 years.


William D. Rogers, Office of Teacher Education, 5 years.


Martin Jacob Baggott, Office of the Chancellor, 28 years.

Leo J. Driscoll, Estimator, Construction Management Services, 4 years.

De Soto

Kathy A. Chambliss, Dining Room Supervisor, Housing-Lentz Hall, 25 years.

Charlotte Keller, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration, 35 years.

Cathy J. Payne, Counseling Center, 21 years.

Du Quoin

Larry O. Bratten, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

Cynthia K. Hagston, University Housing, 6 years.


Gloria J. Tarter, Office of Distance Education and Off-Campus Programs, 22 years.

Johnston City

Bruce Alan Howerton, Physical Plant Service, 18 years.


Inna Kerrigan, Curriculum and Instruction, 7 years.

Edward S. Noyes, Curriculum and Instruction, 7 years.


Mary S. Chaklos, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory, 27 years.

John Andrew Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research, 28 years.

Edward F. Little, School of Social Work, 13 years.

Susan Logue, Library Affairs/Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 34 years.

Kathie A. Lorentz, University Housing, 28 years.


Terry Lynn Hill, Information Technology, 14 years.

Cynthia Stilley, Animal Science Food and Nutrition, 15 years.


W. Eugene Basanta, School of Law, 33 years.

Robert G. Boulton, Printing and Duplicating Service, 7 years.

Bobby Dean Chewning, Workforce Education and Development, 9 years.

William J. Clinton, University Housing, 16 years.

Karen M. Having, ASA School of Allied Health, 14 years.

Sandra Jean Hostetler, College of Education and Human Services, 31 years.

Ronald W. Hunter, Student Health Services, 7 years.

Deborah Ann Jones, Student Health Services, 20 years.

Brian P. Klubek, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems, 35 years.

Cathy Lynne Lilley, College of Science, 19 years.

Denis Joe Overturf, Office of Teacher Education, 13 years.

Regina Pfister, School of Allied Health, 13 years.

Clarence Richard Sherman, Physical Plant Service, 7 years.

Karen L. Waldron, School of Journalism, 25 years.

Oak Park

Mark Allen Holzberg, School of Social Work, 7 years.


Karen Suzanne Cardey-Harris, General Counsel and Legal Affairs, 12 years.


Linda L. Cozzolino, Workforce Education and Development, 6 years.

Robert William Hotes, Workforce Education and Development, 7 years.


Thomas P. Hanlon, Workforce Education and Development, 10 years.


Stephen A. Karcher, Physical Plant Service, 6 years.

West Frankfort

Debra L. Clay, School of Journalism, 16 years.

Denise M. Sullivan, Student Health Services, 12 years.



Jay C. Means, College of Science/Chemistry and Biochemistry, 5 years


Orange Park

Mary Stewart Garrick, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs, 29 years.



Robbie Lieberman, History, 21 years.


St. Louis

Jeffrey Creel McLellan, General Counsel and Legal Affairs, 7 years.

Jan Irene Roddy, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 25 years.


Mount Juliet

Linda Conway Correll, School of Journalism, 6 years.



Robert E. Lee, Workforce Education and Development, 9 years.


Frances M. Miniken, Workforce Education and Development, 25 years.