September 20, 2013

Employees required to report accidents in university vehicles

All accidents involving university or rental vehicles must be reported personally within 48-hours to the travel service office. If you are involved in an accident away from the university and will not be returning for several days, you may report your accident by phone. Be prepared to answer questions about the parties involved and other aspects of the accident. Failure to report accidents in the required seven days could result in forfeiture of coverage under the state plan for the state driver, agency or both. Travel service personnel will act as your liaison with the Division of Risk Management's auto liability unit. 

Individual drivers should be aware that using a university vehicle without permission or for purposes other than for which permission was granted, such as running personal errands or deviating from your stated itinerary, might result in the loss of liability insurance protection. The university does not carry collision/comprehensive coverage on fleet vehicles. The first $1000 in damages per accident  to a university vehicle will be charged to the department using the vehicle.

If a claim is made, or suit is brought against a University driver or operator, the driver must immediately notify Travel Service office personnel to request assistance. Please be aware that if you are using your personal vehicle while conducting University business, are involved in an automobile accident and are deemed "at fault" for the accident, your personal automobile insurance coverage will be "primary." Submitted by: Susan Parks, Travel Service,