August 16, 2013

University Directory – Employee Verification

MEMO TO:  Faculty and Staff

FROM:           Human Resources

SUBJECT:      University Directory -- Employee Verification

Employees are asked annually to verify their information in the published University Directory and the University’s online directory (People Finder) website.

Employees may change their mail code, building name, room number, work phone number, home phone number, spouse name, and degree online by clicking on the HR management system link on the People Finder's main page.  Instructions on how to log in and edit your information are available at the 'Electronic Directory Update Information'.

An employee’s home address may be changed using the 'Faculty/Staff/Graduate Assistant/Retiree Change of Address Form’, which may be accessed at

The department name and job title or job classification may only be changed through personnel paperwork processed through Human Resources.

In order for changes to be included in the annual University Directory, revisions must be submitted by Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  Employees may make changes at any time for information contained in People Finder.

If you do not have access to a computer, you may use a computer available in one of the University’s computer labs.  If you are unable to obtain access to a computer, please contact Human Resources at 453-6665, and we will make arrangements to help you verify your information.

For questions, please email or call 453-6665.

Thank you for participating in this process.