July 01, 2013

Media Advisory -- Summer Camps

Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s summer camps provide a wide variety of interesting summer activity stories for reporters, photographers, and camera crews in the area.

The camp schedule for the first two weeks of July, along with brief descriptions, contact information and available details about media opportunities include:

  • Track and Field -- Throws, July 6-7, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Connie Price-Smith Throws Area. This camp is for youth ages 12-18 who want to improve and/or learn new skills in shot put or discus. Each athlete will receive a personalized evaluation of his or her technique.  Contact John Smith, SIU track and field throws coach, at 618/453-7243 or by email at jjsmith@siu.edu for more information.
  • NASA Wings, July 8-12, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ends at noon on 7/12), Transportation Education Center, Southern Illinois Airport.  NASA Wings offers students the chance to explore careers in aviation and aerospace by providing ground and flight training at SIU Carbondale’s new aviation facilities.  Participants will attend ground school classes, fly University flight training devices and aircraft (weather permitting), and enjoy evening activities on campus.  For more information contact Lorelei Ruiz at 618/453-9265 or by email at lruiz@aviation.siu.edu or Steve Goetz at 618/453-9258 or by email at sgoetz@aviation.siu.edu.
  • Beginning LEGO Engineering, July 8-12, 8:30 a.m. to noon, Quigley Hall.  Camp projects will feature basic LEGO parts and construction and include level and catapult, car, pulley, conveyor, gears, gears with belts, simple crane, gears with chains, motorized gears, motorized turn stile, motorized car construction, folding chair, draw bridge, motorized player piano, motorized windshield wipers, helicopter, airplane, motorized car, motorized conveyor belt and a motorized Merry-Go-Round.  There will also be a take home project, as well as challenged creative time.  For more information contact John Davey at 618/453-3734 or by email at davey@siu.edu.
  • LEGO WeDo Robotics, July 8-12, 1-4:30 p.m., Quigley Hall.  Campers will be involved in engaging learning experiences in science, literacy, math, and social studies.  Using the LEGO Education WeDo hardware and software, in combination with these activities, students will be inspired to think critically, solve problems and be creative.  Activities cover the wild animals theme models:  Hungry Alligator, Flying Bird and Roaring Lion.  Each model will incorporate mathematics, literacy, science and social studies activities as well as covering visuals arts, dramatic arts, music, physical education and technology.  There will also be a take home project and challenged creative time.  For additional details, contact John Davey at 618/453-3734 or by email at davey@siu.edu.
  • Take Five -- 2D and 3D Art, July 8-12, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Willow Street Studios.  Camp participants will experience an intensive exploration of a variety of art media, methods and techniques.  Each day will focus on a different art form: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media.  Campers will also create art that combines art forms including monotypes, mask-making and painted sculptures.  Students will keep a sketchbook for experimenting with materials and recording their ideas.  They will explore various subject matters and find inspiration from art created around the world, past and present.  Students will explore the University Museum exhibits and visit other campus locations for on-site drawing experience.  For more information, contact Kathleen Frye at 618/319-1196 or by email at kfrye.studio@gmail.com.
  • Camp Little Giant, the therapeutic recreation camp for children and adults of varying abilities, will have one camp session during this period.  Camp Traditions IV, for adults 21 and older with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities, meets July 7-12 at Touch of Nature Environmental Center, about eight miles south of Carbondale.  The week provides participants with a true summer camp experience.  For additional information, contact Vicki Lang at 618/453-1121, ext. 231, or by emailing vickil@siu.edu