April 04, 2013

Undergraduate research will be on display April 8

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale does more than promote undergraduate research; the University also offers a forum where the students can present the results of their work.

The annual Undergraduate Research Forum is set for 1 p.m. Monday, April 8, in the SIU Student Center.  An awards ceremony is set to begin at about 3 p.m. Students will compete for awards that include: People’s Choice Award, Outstanding Arts/Creative Project Award, Independent Researcher Award, and first-though third- place and honorable mention.

Media Advisory

Reporters, photographers and news crews are welcome to cover the Undergraduate Research Forum.  For more information about obtaining student interviews, contact Vanessa Sneed, research project specialist, at 618/453-4536 or vsneed@siu.edu.

The event features a poster session highlighting original research and creative activities by undergraduates.  Posters explain the project methodology and, when appropriate, the research findings or conclusions.  The University’s Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) and the Office of the Provost are forum sponsors.

Vanessa Sneed, research project specialist in OSPA, explained that the Undergraduate Research Forum is an important step for undergraduates.

“The Undergraduate Research Forum is often the first time undergraduate students present their own research and creative projects in an academic venue,” she said.  “It is an excellent example of how SIU’s support for undergraduate research lays the foundation for tomorrow’s researchers, scientists, inventors, educators, and artists.  I encourage the SIU community to visit the forum and view the many talents of SIU’s students.”

The annual forum began in 2002 and is part of the Research-Enriched Academic Challenge (REACH).  The program emphasizes the importance of engaging undergraduate students in research and creative projects as a way to personalize their education, to enhance the experience, and to build relationships with the faculty members who mentor their progress.

SIU Carbondale offers several opportunities for grant-funded undergraduate research, including REACH, the McNair Scholars program, and Saluki Research Rookies.