December 05, 2012

Flags lowered to honor firefighter

Under a proclamation signed by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, the United States flag and the Illinois flag are to be at half-staff at all State of Illinois facilities in honor of a southwestern Illinois volunteer firefighter who died Sunday after he was hit by a fire truck.

Flags are to be flown at half-staff until sunset, Thursday, Dec. 6, in honor of Timothy P. Jansen of the Santa Fe Fire Protection District.

Jansen, 45, of Bartelso, died Dec. 2, shortly after arriving to fight a timber fire that spread to a nearby building.  Authorities believe Jansen fell or tripped over fire hose while pulling hoses and the fire truck hit him; the driver was unaware Jansen had fallen, according to reports.

Jansen was pronounced dead at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Breese.  A restaurant owner in Bartelso, Jansen was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, according to reports.