September 26, 2012

University will honor employees for service

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale next week will honor 336 employees for their service to the University at a program and reception.

The event is Tuesday, Oct. 2, in Student Center Ballroom D.  The ceremony begins at 2 p.m. with a reception following in the International Lounge.

Chancellor Rita Cheng and her husband, Tom Cheng, will host the festivities.

The event will honor employees who have 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45 and 50 years of service to SIU Carbondale.  The 336 employees have a combined total of 5,720 years of service to the University.

The University will recognize the following employees, listed by hometown and years of service.


Alto Pass

            20 years:  Lori Linn Robertson, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.


            10 years:  Judy L. Jordan, English; Kathleen Toeben Lloyd, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Erin Joy Siebert, Accounting Services; Sharon Renee Suchecki, Student Center.

            15 years:  Janet Louise Golliher, Continuing Education and Outreach.

            20 years:  Deborah Osterholm Jung, Microbiology, and Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale.

            25 years:  David R. Mathew, University Housing; Melody D. Meadows, Center for English as a Second Language and Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.


            10 years:  Troy Michael Deming, Physical Plant Service.

            15 years:  Cynthia Lee Fuhrhop, Human Resources.

            20 years:  Sheila M. Cheatham, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Tonia Dee Purcell, Physical Plant Service.


            10 years:  Kendra D. Leonard, Curriculum and Instruction; Kimberly Jo Sanders, Rural Health and Social Service Development.

            20 years:  Deborah Harmon, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts.


            30 years:  Lisa Lynne Tripp, General Counsel and Legal Affairs, Southern Illinois University University-wide services.


            10 years:  Dona Ruby Bachman, University Museum; Julie Ann Bohnsack, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Lisa Booth Brooten, Radio and Television; Ronald A. Caffey, Africana Studies; Eric C. Ferre, Geology; Joel Curtice Fritzler, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Boyd McLean Goodson, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Cynthia Ann Green, Physical Plant Service; Dennis R. Hannon, ASA Aviation Technologies; Satya Harpalani, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Frank Henry, University Housing; William Josh Houston, Speech Communication; James A. Hunsaker, Student Health Services; Andrew William Johnson, Information Systems/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale;  Adrian Krupa, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Sajal Lahiri, Economics; Heather Lapham, Center for Archaeological Investigations; Poh Wah Lee, Center for Advanced Friction Studies; Cedric Harold Malone, Head Start Agency; Christina C. McIntyre, Curriculum and Instruction; Michael McNally, Center for Dewey Studies; Kanchan Mondal, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Grant Eugene Morgan, University Housing; Suzanne A. Nasco, Marketing; Clayton K. Nielson, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab and Forestry; Shahram Rahimi, Computer Science; Eric M. Schauber, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab and Zoology; Marianne Estella Shields, Constituent Relations and Special Events; Daniel A. Silver, Paralegal Studies; Nancy K. Smith, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab; Matthew William Sparks, Intercollegiate Athletics; Deon A. Thompson, Graduate School; Lori J. Van Horn, Curriculum and Instruction; Brian C. Wagner, School of Music; Haibo Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Rose Volkholz Weisburd, Printing and Duplicating; Aimee M. Wigfall, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Dana Lynne Wise, Coal Extraction and Utilization Center; Christopher W. Woodruff, Student Health Services; Derand Errol Wright, Clinical Center; Natasha Zaretsky, History; Caryln B. Zimmerman, School of Music.

            15 years:  Jayne E. Abrate, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Lori Arlene. Black, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Sean Michael Boyle, Automotive Technology; Joseph Augustine Brown, Africana Studies; Mary Louise Cashel, Psychology; Joan Mary Davis, ASA School of Allied Health; Joyce V. Fetro, Health Education and Recreation; James Edward Flach, Workforce Education and Development; Janet M. Fuller, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Thomas H. Furby, School of Law; Jill T. Gobert, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Yuqing Hou, Graduate School; Janette Howard, University Housing; Maria V. Johnson, School of Music; Karl Nicholas Kageff, University Press; Jerzy Kocik, Mathematics; Lisa Jane Lambus, Student Center; Joyce Ann Lee, Physical Plant Service; Elizabeth I. Lewin, Educational Administration and Higher Education; Kevin Lister, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Donna M. Margolis, College of Business; Cathy C. Mogharreban, Curriculum and Instruction; Robert Andrew Morgan, Student Development; Lisa Jane Morrisette-Zapp, Broadcasting Service; Diane Muzio, Rehabilitation Institute and Clinical Center; Randall Gene Popejoy, Physical Plant Service; Brenda Sue Poston, University Housing; Alvin R. Putnam, Workforce Education and Development; Norka Elisa Olga Rabinovich, Psychology; Gary D. Ray, Traffic and Parking; Debra Ann Sarvela, Center for Environmental Health and Safety; Katherine Lynn Sermersheim, Student Life and Intercultural Relations; Gerald R. Spittler, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Kenneth William Stikkers, Philosophy; Alan Andrew Teska, Touch of Nature; Wayne M. Thomas, University Housing; Roger Dale Trexler, Printing and Duplicating Service; Yvette Lynn Young, Recreational Sports and Services.

            20 years:  Dianne Christy, Continuing Education and Outreach; Lee M. Fronabarger, Transfer Student Services; Christopher J. Gaertner, Plant and Service Operations; David John Gibson, Plant Biology; Cydney A. Griffith, ASA School of Allied Health; Rosemary Kennedy, Student Center; Jane Klucker, Graduate School; Jay Lewis, College of Liberal Arts; Mary Lou Norrington, Curriculum and Instruction; Kathleen Chwalisz. Rigney, Psychology; Mark Robert Scally, Intercollegiate Athletics; Spyros Tragoudas, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Brenda K. Watkins, Undergraduate Admissions; John Mark Watson, Library Affairs; Judy Ann Wright, School of Social Work.

            25 years:  Elizabeth Banycky, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Mark Joseph Bausch, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Kathryn A. Chambliss, University Housing; Richard W. Clough, Anatomy; James Scot Ferraro, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Douglas F. Fix, Microbiology; Jonathan D. Hill, Anthropology; Laurie A. Holley, School of Law; Namdar Mogharreban, Computer Science; Beth Lynn Mohlenbrock, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Debra K. Quamen, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration CORE-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Patricia Sue Richter, Department of Public Safety; Marsha G. Ryan, School of Law; Judy Simpson, Library Affairs; Sharon Ann Smaga, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Trina Kaye Thomas, Broadcasting Service; Richard C. Walker, Intercollegiate Athletics; Kevin C. Wise, Curriculum and Instruction.

            30 years:  Karen M. Clayton, College of Liberal Arts; James E. Dutton, Information Technology; Steven P. Esling, Geology; John M. Martinko, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Jean M. McPherson, College of Science; Rollin M. Perkins, Student Health Services; Bradley H. Taylor, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems; Sharon E. Walters, Office of Assessment and Program Review.

            35 years:  Michael M. Lacey, Physical Plant Service; D. John McIntyre, Curriculum and Instruction.

            45 years:  Harold R. Bardo, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Montgomery B. Carrott, History.

            50 years:  Bill Shields, Workforce Education and Development.


            10 years: Samir Mohamed Aouadi, Physics; Summer D. Bacon, Office of the Chancellor; Dubravka Ban, Mathematics; Matthew Richard Barnstable, Center for Environmental Health and Safety; Michael A. Burgener, ASA Aviation Technologies; James F. Campanella, Traffic and Parking; Kevin Dean Finney, Physical Plant Service; Lisa Kay Hottensen, Human Resources; Steven Hutchins, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs; Dennis L. Moon, Travel Service; Jura Lea Perkins, Center for Teaching Excellence; Tabitha Ann Stone, College of Business; Paul David West, Bursar; Scott Lee Wright, Physical Plant Service; Toni Kay Wright, Head Start Agency.

            15 years:  Christopher Lee Evitts, Animal Science Food and Nutrition; Bruce Warren Fisher, College of Business; Jeffrey Ray Jerdon, Physical Plant Service; Jerry Ralph Nuss, Department of Public Safety; Mark A. Peterson, Finance.

            20 years:  Regina Fay Graff, Rainbow’s End; Penny Sue Moon, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office; David Alan Norton, Bursar; Theodore Robert Pilger, Finance; Keith Ellsworth Wilson, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.

            25 years:  Timothy Bogard, Institutional Research and Studies; Susan Geyer Chaney, Student Health Services; Kevin A. Hostetler, University Housing; Shelly Mudd, University Housing; Todd Dee Sigler, Department of Public Safety; Janell Simpson, Registrar’s Office; Elizabeth Ann Tregoning, Mathematics; Nancy E. Vorhees, Graduate School.


            10 years:  Judy K. Doolin, Recreational Sports and Services.


            10 years:  Monte Lee Childers, Physical Plant Service.

            15 years:  Mary E. Janello, Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center; Angela Jo Spicer, Alumni Services.

            20 years: Sheryl Sue Furlow, Student Health Services.

            25 years:  John Fraedrich, Marketing.

Creal Springs

            10 years:  Dennis J. Runyan, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.

            15 years:  Richard L. Gilliam, University Housing; Barry Wade Robertson, University Housing.

De Soto

            10 years:  Beth E. Dallas, Information Technology; Jennifer Dawn Miller, Bursar; Matthew Todd Shackleton, Event Services; Thomas Wheatley, Registrar’s Office.

            15 years:  Steven R. Mitchell, Center for Teaching Excellence; Jeffrey A. Williams, Broadcasting Service.

            25 years:  Linda Burroughs, College of Applied Sciences and Arts.

            35 years:  Don Michael Redmond, Mathematics.


            15 years:  David R. Toler, Physical Plant Service.

Du Quoin

            10 years:  Jennifer Janet Batson, Human Resources; Bradley Joe Deaton, University Housing; Crystal Lynn Marlow, Graduate School; Wade A. Mydler, Physical Plant Service; James Michael Otto, Accounting Services.

            15 years:  Toni A. Baker, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Sue Ann Knapp, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Rick Martin, Physical Plant Service.

            20 years:  Barbara Suzanne McCrary, Office of Assessment and Program Review; Ruth Ellen O’Rourke, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


            10 years:  Roger W. Turnbough, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.

            15 years:  Becky Sue Burroughs, University Housing; Marilyn Sue Piper, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office.

            20 years:  Jeletta Lynn Brant, Philosophy.


            15 years:  William Curtis Field, Physical Plant Service.


            10 years:  Leslie Freels Lloyd, ASA School of Allied Health.


            20 years:  Cynthia Marie Ciganovich, SIU Foundation Carbondale.

            25 years:  Rita Kay VanPelt, Disability Support Services.


            10 years:  Robert W. Beckman, Physical Plant Service.


            10 years:  Sonia J. Beckmann, Plant and Service Operations; Emily Williams, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

            15 years:  Lourdes Albuixech, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Carol Pauline Bean, Head Start Agency; Nancy Ann McDonald, Student Health Services; Julia Moore, Curriculum and Instruction; Michael Pierre Ruiz, University Communications; Christopher Keith Waugh, Workforce Education and Development.

            20 years:  Carl John Spezia, Technology.

            25 years:  Amy C. Boren, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems.

            30 years:  Robert E. Allison, School of Music; John L. Sexton, Geology.


            10 years:  Matthew Ryan Taitt, Undergraduate Admissions.


            15 years:  Mitchell Dean Marlow,

Johnston City

            10 years:  Florence Mary Dascotte, University Housing; Teri Stobbs Ricci, Library Affairs; David Thomas Williams, Technology.

            15 years:  Bridgett Faye Mahan, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Julie McReynolds, Budget Office.


            10 years:  Kendra Victoria Crews, Workforce Education and Development; Leif Faber, Touch of Nature; Scott Robert Ferguson, Touch of Nature; Ryan Lee Moore, Undergraduate Admissions.

            15 years:  James J. Zaczek Forestry.

            20 years:  James Douglas Lipe, Department of Public Safety; Daniel Frank Mussa, College of Science; Marko M. Rajcic, Physical Plant Service.

            25 years:  Kirk L. Shores, University Housing; Rosemary E. Simmons, Counseling Center.

            30 years:  Susan Logue, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

            40 years:  Thomas C. Britton, School of Law.


10 years:  George Randall Bricker, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Thomas Vernell Hale, Physical Plant Service; Tracy Hosmon-Kaytor, School of Law; Tyson Wade Moore, Physical Plant Service; Ander Yen, University Housing; Shirley Yen, University Housing.

            15 years:  George P. Aldridge, University Housing; Steven Patrick Belletire, School of Art and Design; Nancy Jane Denis, Head Start Agency; Delores J. Donaldson, Recreational Sports and Services; Leigh Ann Keyser, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Paul E. Lannom, Recreational Sports and Services; Cynthia Stilley, Animal Science Food and Nutrition.

            20 years:  Cynthia Gayle Ketring, University Housing; Michael Allen Langan, Evaluation and Developmental Center.

            25 years:  Alan James Weston, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes.

            30 years:  Ronda R. Demattei, ASA School of Allied Health.

            35 years:  John P. Hester, Civil and Environmental Engineering.


            10 years:  Phyllis Sue Bowers, Physical Plant Service.

Mount Vernon

            20 years:  Scott David Weber, Physical Plant Service.


            15 years:  James R. Jones, Internal Auditor, SIU University-wide Services; Gerald A. Thornhill, ASA Aviation Management and Flight.


            10 years:  Glen Blackstone, Workforce Education and Development; Mark A. Brittingham, School of Law; Michael W. Eichholz, Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory and Zoology; Terri Denise. Elliott, Computer Science; Jacob Joel Podber, Radio and Television; Glendal William Poshard, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office; Tonya K. Walker, Rainbow’s End.

            15 years:  Nathan Edward Black, College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Carolyn Ann Carsrud, Intercollegiate Athletics; Kimberly Kay Doellman, College of Science; Paula Sue Feigenbaum, Touch of Nature; Vera T. Gibbs, Physical Plant Service; John W. Groninger, Forestry; Leslee D. Hammers, Accountancy; Dennis Ray Haworth, Student Center; Gary W. Kohlenberger, Physical Plant Service; Suzanne Mccann, Physics; Angela Marie Moore-Swafford, University Press; Cynthia Ellen Nehring, Financial Aid Office; Michelle Stacey Rositch, Printing and Duplicating Service; Suellyn Rowden, AIS Office; David W. Schremp, Library Affairs; Richard E. Smith, School of Art and Design; Stephanie Ann Speiser, Animal Science Food and Nutrition; Bernadean Wheetley, Head Start Agency.

            20 years:  Debra Ann Brantley, Travel Service; Paul Harold Henry, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Patsy A. Manfredi, University Core Curriculum and Philosophy; Leslie A. Mills, Office of the Chancellor; Martha Staggs Taricone, College of Liberal Arts; Stewart Paul Wessel, ASA School of Architecture; Lori A. Williams, College of Engineering.

            25 years:  John Clemons, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies; James D. Hamilton, Budget Office; Konstadinos I. Hatziadoniu, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Linda Katherine Herrold, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Carol Manis, School of Law; Lisa M. Marks, University Housing; Mary Lou Mileur, Student Health Services; Rebecca C. Thies, AIS Office.

            30 years:  Jeanne Anne Baker, Technology; Keith H. Beyler, School of Law; Maureen L. Doran, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Sandra Jean Hostetler, College of Education and Human Services.

            35 years:  Yoginder Paul Chugh, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Charles L. Rodriguez, ASA Aviation Technologies; Janet L. Rogers, ASA School of Allied Health.


            10 years:  Cynthia Doil, Workforce Education and Development.

            15 years:  Elizabeth W. Freeburg, Workforce Education and Development.


            15 years:  Matthew A. Orr, Physical Plant Service.


            20 years:  Dennis A. Bowring, Physical Plant Service.

            25 years:  Deborah J. Gearhart, Intercollegiate Athletics.


            10 years:  Ricky Dean Zander, Physical Plant Service.


            10 years:  Richard J. Bauer, Printing and Duplicating Service; Louis C. Harding, Information Technology.


            10 years:  Thomas P. Hanlon, Workforce Education and Development.


            10 years:  Keith W. Modglin, Student Center.

            20 years:  Michael Allen Shelton, Information Technology.

West Frankfort

            10 years:  Tammy K. Weston, Workforce Education and Development.

            15 years:  Marion Allan Willmore, Department of Public Safety.

            25 years:  Gaye L. Butler, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale.


            15 years:  Richard Earl Jarvis, Procurement Services.



            20 years: Karen M. Nagyiski, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs.


Cape Girardeau

            15 years:  Arlene A. Tan, Clinical Center.

            25 years:  Barbara Elizabeth Hagler, Workforce Education and Development.

St. Louis

20 years:  Peter B. Smith, ASA School of Architecture

30 years:  Robert Alan Hahn, Philosophy.



            20 years:  Susan King Langham, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs.



            10 years:  Richard C. Westberry, Workforce Education and Development


Virginia Beach

            15 years:  Sandra Dee Barton, Workforce Education and Development