July 23, 2012

GPSC presents summer travel/research awards

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The Graduate and Professional Student Council at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is furthering student research by presenting $8,500 in merit-based summer research and travel awards.

All graduate and professional continuing students were eligible to apply for 26 awards to fund projects completed by Aug. 15, 2012. There were 64 applications for eight awards of $500 apiece, and 18 awards of $250 apiece. 

"It has been truly inspiring to see the kinds of projects and research these awards are funding. Our only regret is that we can't fund them all," said Marnie Glazier, outgoing vice president and summer office administrator for the Graduate and Professional Student Council.  "We are really excited to be offering these awards to help fund not only traditional research and travel projects but also others that are outside the realm of traditional professional development. Profes'sional development can take many forms, including attending conferences, conducting research, serving internships and even working with primates.

"We have a really diverse representation of award recipient projects this year and these grants bring together a great group of graduate and professional students for an improved campus through shared research," she said.

The complete list of summer 2012 summer research award recipients and projects is available at http://gpsc.rso.siuc.edu/