April 13, 2012

‘The Fountainhead’ wins edible books contest

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- He resembled the man from the children’s game “Operation” but he had a body formed of grapes.  Near him was a treehouse with a person on top that spun round and round, and on another table, water flowed from the mouth of a head covered in words.

It was all part of the 2012 Edible Books Festival at Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Morris Library.  The entries were as diverse and creative as imagination allows.  A loaf of rye bread held baseball cards between its slices --- representing “Catchers in the Rye,” of course.  There was even a miniature scene carved into a loaf of bread featuring Lewis Carroll’s famous character Alice.  It was “Alice in Wonderbread,” you see.

The idea was to depict a book title, in “pun” if you liked, using food of some kind.  There were prizes for the winners, including an Amazon Kindle for the grand prizewinner.  Winning Best in Show was Dorothy Schachel with “The Fountainhead.”  And yes, it did actually have a fountain spewing from a cake head.

Earning accolades for their creative food fare were:

            Public Choice -- First place, Julie Mosbo with Adventures in Wonderbread; second place, Athena Wrenn, Liam Wrenn and Kim King-Wrenn with Magic Treehouse

            Most Edible -- First place, H.D. Motyl with Catchers in the Rye; second place, Jeanne Cross with One Flew Over the Cous Cous Nest

            Least Edible -- First place, Lynn Geske with Grape’s Anatomy; second place, Megan Lotts with Big Macbeth

            Punniest -- First place, Julie Mosbo’s Adventures in Wonderbread; second place, Megan Lotts’ Big Macbeth

            Best Book Structure -- First place, Kate Harrison with Bossy Pants; second place, the Wrenns with Magic Treehouse

Morris Library and The Friends of Morris Library sponsored the 2012 event, drawing entries from students, faculty, staff and community members along with an appreciative audience.  Look for an album of photos on the Saluki Times Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saluki-Times/111041222241133?ref=ts.