March 29, 2012

12 seniors to compete for Rickert-Ziebold award

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University Carbondale announced the 12 finalists eligible to compete for the prestigious Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award.

The art competition is for seniors at SIU Carbondale, and carries a substantial financial award.  Finalists, selected by a panel of art faculty, are part of the annual Rickert-Ziebold exhibit at Surplus Gallery in the Glove Factory art facility at 432 S. Washington Ave., Carbondale.

Students use their assigned space in the gallery to set up their exhibit, which might be a new creation specifically for the Rickert-Ziebold competition.  Judging is not only on the art itself, but also on the students’ abilities to use the space to its best advantage.

The exhibit runs April 23-28, with an awards ceremony and reception on April 27 beginning at 5:30 p.m.  The competition winners are announced at 1:30 p.m. the day of the reception. 

The estate of the late Marguerite L. Rickert-Ziebold established the award in honor of Joseph Rickert, a prominent lawyer and state senator, and a patron of the arts, from Waterloo.

Here are the finalists, by hometown, with area of specialization and parents’/guardians’ names:



• Connie Farhang, painting and drawing, (Kambiz Farhang and Sandra Ross)


• Koral Halperin, ceramics, (Deby Kennedy)


• Jason Wonnell, printmaking and communication design, (Alanna and Edwin Wonnell)


• Eric D. Johnson, printmaking and mixed media, (Karlyn Bartley, Marshall, and Dan Johnson, Flora)


• Charlotte Hyzy, sculpture, (Kathleen and Chris Hyzy, Lake Ann, Mich.)

West Frankfort

• Sonya Miller, sculpture, (Loeta and Douglas Jones of Johnston City)


• Kwame Appiahene-Agyei, industrial design, (Kwaku Appiahene-Agyei)



• Jordan Parks, communication design, (Cindy and Ron Parks)



• Matt Zagorski, metalsmithing, (Mary and Robert Zagorski)



• Erica Struemph, industrial design, (Carol and Frank Struemph)


Beaver Dam

• Katherine Mannel, drawing and painting, (Sheila and Alan Mannel)


• Andrew D. Jensen, metalsmithing, (Elizabeth and Robert Jensen)