J Kevin Roth

(Photos by Pete Rosenbery)

January 25, 2012

Ten Questions with ... J Kevin Roth

Job on campus/department you work in: Assistant professor, Technical Resource Management (TRM) program, Professional Construction Management specialization.

How long at SIU Carbondale: 8.5 years total.

Hometown:  Johnston City

When you were a youngster, what did you want to be when you grew up?

TALLER -- As a youngster, I was short and round; now I am tall and round; Ho! Ho! Ho!

If you could choose another profession, what would it be and why?            

About 2.5 years ago I started a new profession.  For 28 years, I have been in practice as an architect, engineer, owner, builder, and construction/project manager on various projects from east coast to west coast.  When I graduated in 1984, I knew that I wanted to gain enough experience to, at some point, share my experience and acquired knowledge with future generations of building professionals by teaching at a university campus.  Well, here I am, a tenure-track assistant professor, building a Professional Construction Management program and teaching future facility and construction managers the things they need to know to succeed in the business of building and managing facilities.

What is something you still want to accomplish in life? Design and build a Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) with an ROI (Return on Investment) of less than five years.  Totally off the grid.  I already have a low cost, low energy LEED -- Platinum Building, so NZEB seems very achievable as a next step.

People don’t know that you … Was on campus and watched SIU’s Old Main building burn.  It sparked my interest in building safety and fire protection throughout my career as an architect.

Who inspired you and how? My grandfather, John Walton. He was always honest and kind.  He never met a stranger, only friends he did not yet know.  He was a critical-thinker.  He was a miller, mechanic, businessman, and all around good guy with a heart of gold.

If you could pick an actor/actress to play you in a movie, who would you pick, and why?  Kenny Rogers (in the Gambler) --  He used to look like me and cowboys are cool.

What is one random fact about you? I was an altar-boy by age 5.  This was a failed attempt by my mom to point me in the “right” direction.  Sorry Mom!!!

Cats or dogs? Why? DAWGS of course -- we have nine Salukis.  However, Don Magee says that “Salukis are just big cats in Dawg-Suits,” so I may just like cats that dress like Salukis.

Favorite cartoon character? Why? Wiley Coyote -- He never gave up!

What would you like your gravestone to say about you?  “If you wonder what I am thinking …  you aren’t listening!!!”