December 22, 2011

Two Saluki Express routes changed for spring

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Changes are coming to Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Saluki Express for the spring 2012 semester.

Plans to revise two of the bus routes originated with students and the student-run Mass Transit Advisory Board endorsed the changes, according to Bill Bruns, deputy director of the Student Center.  The board’s membership includes representatives of the Undergraduate Student Government and from the Graduate and Professional Student Council. 

The route changes affect only the South Route and the Logan Route.  Beginning Jan. 14, the South Route will now extend to incorporate stops at Kroger and at Carbondale Community High School (CCHS).  Bruns said this is a much-sought change because previously, getting to those locations required riding the Logan bus to John A. Logan College in Carterville and then back to Kroger or CCHS. 

The Kroger stop will no longer be part of the Logan Route, which will reduce instances of the bus running behind schedule, Bruns said.  In addition, the South Route will not go north of Chautauqua Street as it has in the past, to compensate for the extra stops.

Also, there will be a weekend time change on the South Route.  The bus will start an hour later each Saturday morning and run an hour later each Sunday evening than it has been.  The new time schedule calls for the first Saturday bus run at 9:36 a.m. and the last Sunday run at 5:36 p.m.

There’s one more change coming to the Logan Route and it affects only students at John A. Logan College (JALC).  Those students can continue to ride the Logan Route bus at no cost since their college contributes toward the costs of operating that route.  But, beginning Jan. 1, all Logan students will also need a special bus pass called the “Logan Pass.”  The pass is free and identifies them as a student enrolled at JALC.  All they need to do to get this new pass is get a copy of their schedule endorsed at Logan’s Dean of Student Services office and bring it to the SIU Carbondale ID Office, on the second floor of the University’s Student Center.

Logan students can call Terry Crain, dean for student services at JALC, 618/985-3741, ext. 8382, for more information.  Bruns said in the early days of 2012, Saluki Express drivers will offer a short grace period to allow Logan students to find out about the pass requirement and acquire a pass.

As always all SIU Carbondale students can continue to ride all Saluki Express buses using a valid University ID.  There are eight bus routes in operation while the University is in session and a break route that operates when school is not in session. 

Faculty, staff and community members may ride the buses for convenient and affordable access to locations around campus along with the University Mall, Illinois Avenue, Murdale Shopping Center and Carbondale Community High School.  They may purchase bus passes allowing them unlimited rides for the semester or by the month.  The cost for a semester pass is $50 for University faculty, staff and the general public or $47 for Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) students.  The cost is $40 for spouses or children of University students.  You can also purchase monthly passes for $17 or pay, by exact change, $1 bus fare per ride.  Children under age five ride free if accompanied by an adult. 

For complete information about Saluki Express routes, schedules and more, visit the Saluki Express website at