December 14, 2011

University offers criminal justice courses at SCC

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Those looking for a new career or to improve their opportunities in the criminal justice field have some new options through Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The spring 2012 semester offers several off-campus opportunities for advanced-level criminal justice courses.  These courses offer all the advantages of credit earned through SIU Carbondale, a nationally ranked research university, with all the convenience of locations in Southern Illinois.

Courses are available at Shawnee Community College, thanks to a cooperative arrangement between the college and the University.  In the spring semester, two SIU Carbondale courses are available.  Shawnee Community College students majoring in criminal justice and planning to transfer to SIU Carbondale should contact Mike Harbin for information about how to make the most use of their credit hours and to ensure an easy transfer process.  Contact Harbin at 618/453-6434 or

The courses are:

• Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ 325), offered Wednesday evenings on the main Shawnee Community College campus in Ullin.  This course covers topics relevant to current issues in criminology and criminal justice, and may be repeated for up to six credit hours.

• Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration (CCJ 302), offered Wednesday evenings at Shawnee Community College’s Anna campus.  Shawnee pre-requisities are Cle or CJ 123 and CLE or CJ 125, or the consent of the instructor.

For more information about the criminology and criminal justice program at SIU Carbondale, visit the web site at  For more information about distance education opportunities and off campus offerings, visit the distance education website at