November 28, 2011

Fine Arts Activity Fee committee seeks proposals

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The committee that oversees the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Student Fine Arts Activity Fee is gearing up its efforts to help bring quality fine arts events and activities to campus in the upcoming spring semester.

The fund to support fine arts activities at the University comes from a portion of each student’s activity fee.  Fund proceeds bring visiting artists to campus for lectures and workshops, support music and theater performances, and assist in offsetting costs associated with events that include the annual Big Muddy Film Festival, Devil’s Kitchen Literary Festival, “Grassroots,” an undergraduate literary magazine, and “Film Fridays at the Varsity.”           

Seven fine arts units on campus -- the Schools of Architecture, Art and Design, and Music; and the Cinema and Photography, English, Theater and Speech Communication departments -- each receive portions of the fine arts activity fee. There are additional funds on reserve for fine arts activities initiated by other units or entities.

The Fine Arts Activity Fee has made possible a range of events and activities, including theatrical and musical performances, publications, exhibitions, screenings, readings, lectures, presentations and workshops by visiting artists. Susan Felleman, who chairs the Fine Arts Activity Fee Committee, emphasizes funds can also go to non-fine arts units, registered student organizations, students, and other entities on campus to subsidize special fine arts events and activities. The committee generally meets once a month during the fall and spring semesters, but did not meet in November because the group did not receive any event proposals for funding consideration and had no business, Felleman said.

Felleman said she hopes that non-fine arts units and other organizations on campus take advantage of the available funds to enhance the arts and cultural life of SIU Carbondale. To be eligible for funding, events must meet several criteria: the event must support cultural activities in the visual, literary, applied or performing arts; be open to all SIU Carbondale students; be advertised to the general study body; and not used for academic credit hours, fundraisers, or for scholarships.

Felleman emphasized the event should also generally provide free admission for SIU Carbondale students, or at a minimum, significantly reduced admission prices than the general public.

The FAAF Committee website,, provides additional details on the fee, the committee, and application process.  An electronic copy of the full application is also available.  Guidelines recommend the committee receives a full application and supporting documents at least two months before a proposed event, and at least one week before a regularly scheduled committee meeting.

The committee is comprised of a faculty member and student representative from each of the seven fine arts units, in addition to seven at-large seats, filled by representatives of the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

Contact Felleman by email at for more information.