October 25, 2011

Meeting in Red Bud will focus on degree program

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Red Bud area residents who are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale will want to attend an informational meeting on Monday, Nov. 7, 6:30-8 p.m. at Red Bud High School, Room 122.

Faculty and representatives from SIU Carbondale’s elementary education program will be on hand to provide information about the courses that will be available in Red Bud during the 2012-2014 academic years.   Plans call for evening and Saturday off-campus delivery of the University’s courses at Red Bud High School and at Southwestern Illinois College-Red Bud.   In addition to explaining the course offerings and how the program will work, officials will discuss the SIU Carbondale application process.

The University already has two cohorts of students working toward elementary education degrees at Red Bud.  Some of these students will talk with prospective students during the Nov. 7 meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to share information regarding a new cohort with a scheduled start date of August 2012.

Officials will also present details about provisions for accommodating public school paraprofessionals so they can attend classes while working.

This program offers a convenient location for Red Bud area residents to complete their junior and senior level SIU Carbondale courses close to home and they’ll also complete all three required education field experience classes before doing their student teaching in local school districts.

Prospective students interested in this off-campus program along with their parents are welcome to attend the meeting with no obligation.

For more information, contact Ron Hood, site coordinator, at recshood@yahoo.com (618/520-8196) or Kristin White at whitek@siu.edu (618/453-4233).