October 07, 2011

Theater department plans sale of costumes, props

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Just in time for Halloween, it’s the annual Southern Illinois University Carbondale Department of Theater props and costume sale.

The sale runs 9 a.m.-noon on Oct. 15 at the McLeod Theater.

Items include all manner of props and costumes no longer needed in the department.  Most of these items were part of past productions.  Those who buy costumes or props not only obtain unique décor or costumes, but also pieces of theater history.

Props for sale include: four giant statues of Greek maidens (Caryatids), a large female statue painted to look like wood, several large Styrofoam rocks, a life-size Styrofoam horse sturdy enough to sit on, two witches, a bat, six tree stumps, children’s toy swords, tricycle, children’s slide, a large coffee table and much more.

Costumes for sale include: knights and soldiers, superheroes, burlesque costumes, as well as vintage hats and Halloween masks.

The sale, of course, is fun for individuals, but it is also helpful for groups needing props or costumes for floats, themed parties or events, or theater groups looking for economical props.

The sale coincides with SIU Carbondale Homecoming activities.  Those looking for an unusual souvenir may well find it at this sale.