September 27, 2011

Humans vs. Zombies game returning to campus

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The infection will soon begin but it’s an infection of excitement and fun as zombies are coming to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

The popular Humans vs. Zombies student game is returning to campus courtesy of University Housing’s Residence Hall Association and the National Residence Hall Honorary.  All students are welcome to participate in the free game that kicks off Oct. 12.  The final mission is set for Oct. 22.

Zombie players try to tag human players with an open palm touch and that tag changes the human into a zombie.  The humans defend themselves primarily by throwing plain old balled socks, with no embellishment, at the zombies, temporarily stunning them.  There are multiple “missions” during the course of the game as zombies try to stop humans from accomplishing their designated tasks.

Organizers are staging three boot camps to give new and returning players a chance to learn the rules of the game during small, mini-missions.  These sessions will be at 6 p.m. on Sept. 28, Oct. 4 and Oct. 6 at Lentz and Grinnell Halls for a pre-mission debriefing.

Registration is now under way for SIUC Humans vs. Zombies 2011.  Organizers encourage students to register online at  You can also sign up by coming to a registration table outside Lentz and Trueblood Halls from noon to 6 p.m. daily Sept. 26 to Oct. 5.  Those who register on the website should bring their code number to the registration desk to sign waiver forms and pick up their game bandana.

Salukis can also call 618/453-2351 or email to sign up or get more information.  You can also learn more about this zany tag-type game that has become an international craze by visiting

Organizers are also encouraging participants to join the SIUC HvZ Facebook page to discover more about the game and get updates.