September 19, 2011

University to honor longtime employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale this week will honor 435 employees for their service to the University at a program and reception.

The event is Tuesday, Sept. 20, in Student Center Ballroom D.  The ceremony begins at 2 p.m., with a reception following in the International Lounge West.

Chancellor Rita Cheng and her husband, Tom Cheng, will host the afternoon’s festivities.  Jak Tichenor, a producer with SIU Broadcasting Service, is master of ceremonies. 

The event will honor employees who have 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 years of service to SIUC.  The 435 employees have a combined total of 7,400 years of service to the University.

The University will recognize the following employees, listed by hometown and years of service.



25 years:  David L. Bergerhouse, Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center.

Alto Pass

20 years:  Joseph John Patrick, Physical Plant Service.


10 years:  Barbara Helen Smith, School of Law.

25 years: Judith V. McFadden, School of Social Work.


10 years:  Richard McGriff, Physical Plant Service; Lea Jessica Jasmine Winters, School of Architecture.

15 years:  Jeffrey D. Walker, Physical Plant Service; Lowell R. Williamson, Information Technology.

35 years:  Lawrence E. Jeralds, Automotive Technology.


15 years:  Clarissa June Terbrak, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


10 years: Donald L. Bixler, University Ombdudsman

15 years:  Marya Jayne Smith, Curriculum and Instruction

20 years: Rebecca J. Mandrell, Mathematics.

25 years:  Margaret Susan Lay, Office of Economic and Regional Development.


10 years:  James J. Pancrazio, Workforce Education and Development.


10 years:  Roy Allen Sims, Physical Plant Service.

15 years:  Effadale Miller, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield.

35 years:  Susan C. Edgren, Division of Continuing Education.

Campbell Hill

10 years:  Douglas E. Chapman, Physical Plant Service.

15 years:  Cheryl A. Bauersachs, Bursar.

20 years:  Karen Sue Bollmann, Head Start Agency.


10 years:  Erin Desmond Anthony, English; Sarah G. Baer, Plant Biology; Aaron Lee Boaz, College of Education and Human Services; George E. Boulukos, English; Robert R. Bush, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center; David Harold Carlson, Library Affairs; John Howard Carter, Library Affairs; Krassimira D. Charkova, Linguistics; Kenneth W. Culton, Clinical Center; Tirthanath Das, Mathematics; Anne Fletcher, Theater; Joseph Tobin Grant, Political Science; Margaret K. Henry, Head Start Agency; Daniel Patrick Hillyard, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Hope Hines, Head Start Agency; Kamal M. Ibrahim, Zoology; Carol L. Jackson, Associate Chancellor-Diversity; Stephen C. Jones, Procurement Services; Faye Joyner-Keene, School of Allied Health; Cynthia R. Kvamme, Library Affairs; Jennifer Renee Langin, Information Technology; Antyne Lester, Project Upward Bound; Charles R. Litecky, Management; Michael James Lydy, Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center; Scott McClurg, Political Science; Gail G. Mieling, Clinical Center; Wanki Moon, Agribusiness Economics; Marci L. Moore-Connelley, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Donald Lee Morehead, Physical Plant Service; Peter Paul Mykytyn, Management; Jay F. Needham, Radio and Television; Erik David Oberg, Touch of Nature; Lacey Rachelle Pagett, AIS Office; Peter Patrylo, Physiology; James W. Phegley, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Jennifer M. Presar, School of Music; Tina M. Price, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center; Connie M. Price-Smith, Intercollegiate Athletics; Angela M. Reinoehl, School of Art and Design; Henri Uwe Schurz, Mathematics; Joe Scott, Physical Plant Service; Thomas E. Shea, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Darren E. Sherkat, Sociology; Stephen C. Shih, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Alberta Jean Skaggs, English; Hussein Soliman, School of Social Work; Debra Lynn Thompson-Cundiff, Recreational Sports and Services; Susan E. Tulis, Library Affairs; George M. Vineyard, Enrollment Management; Dexter B. Wakefield, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Alison Watts, Economics; Roger Monroe Webb, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Paul D. Welch, Anthropology.

15 years:  Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, School of Art and Design; Lydia A. Arbogast, Physiology; Jeffrey Armit, Aviation Management and Flight; Deborah D. Babcock, Human Resources; Nanditha Balasubramanian, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Emily Jo Carter, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Anne Kathleen Chandler, English; Tami Anita Crofts, School of Architecture; Michele A. Damian, University Housing; Bakul C. Dave, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Peter Filip, Center for Advanced Friction Studies; David Wayne Gilbert, Automotive Technology; Karen C. Glidewell, University Risk Management-SIU University-wide services;  Sharon R. Granderson, Library Affairs; Charles A. Hofling, Anthropology; Kathryn Ann Hytten, Educational Administration and Higher Education; John Janecek, Associate Chancellor-Diversity; Saliwe Kawewe, School of Social Work; Laura Klosterman Kidd, School of Architecture; John Mcsorley, Mathematics; Khalid Meksem, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems; Manoj K. Mohanty, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Kyaw Thet Naing, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Nicholas Pinter, Geology; Thomas W. Price, College of Liberal Arts; Karen Renzaglia, Plant Biology; Alan Selander, Recreational Sports and Services; Mildred M. Smith, College of Engineering; Michael C. Sullivan, Mathematics; JoDelle Williams, School of Music; Bryan Douglas Wise, Records Management; Andrew J. Wood, Plant Biology; Mildred Jane Woodside, Accounting Services.

20 years:  James Smith Allen, Office of Assessment and Program Review; Andrea D. Baker, Head Start Agency; Blaine Bartholomew, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Diann Sue Bauer, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Rolando Bravo, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Philip Brown, School of Music; Edward J. Brunner, English; Gregory Budzban, Mathematics; Shirley M. Castle, Accounting Services; Roger Feng-chang Chang, College of Engineering Outreach Programs; Jane N. Cogie, English; David T. Cronin, Physical Plant Service; Robert E. Fox, English; Frederick S. Hees, College of Education and Human Services; Michael L. Humphries, English; Jean Rendleman Kelley, Radio and Television; Elizabeth Theresa Klaver, English; Carey Krajewski, Zoology; Robbie Lieberman, History; David A. Lightfoot, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems; Ellenora Beth Lordan, English; John R. Magney, School of Information and Applied Technologies; William Thomas McDowell, Academic Support-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Nancy A. Mundschenk, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Jeffrey Keith Myers, Research Development and Administration; Roberta J. Ogletree, Health Education and Recreation; Rebecca Jane O’Neill, School of Law; Patricia L. Perschbacher, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Candace M. Powell, Student Health Center; Tammy Renay Pugh, Sociology; Don Stephen Rice, Anthropology; Prudence M. Rice, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean; Edmund Riddle, Library Affairs; Dallas R. Service, Library Affairs; Sue L. Spears, Information Technology; Herbert Aaron Stearns, Campus Mail Service; Charles I. Stubbart, Management; Bernadette Marie Summerville, School of Music; Brooke H.H. Thibeault, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Barbara Ann Tipton, Physical Plant Service; Julia A. Wetstein, College of Science.

25 years:  David Michael Adams, Rehabilitation Institute; Naushad Ali, Physics; Jackie Allen, Recreational Sports and Services; James E. Bordieri, Rehabilitation Institute; Jerry Russell Cave, University Farms; Saundra Y. Cawthon, International Development; Gerald E. Churchill, Physical Plant Service; Rickey David Clark, Printing & Duplicating Service; Diane K. Daugherty, Intercollegiate Athletics; Michael L. Grey, School of Allied Health; Lalit Gupta, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Roy H. Joy, Counseling Center; Phyllis J. Laster Khaaliq, Affirmative Action Office; Aldo D. Migone, Physics; Vijay K. Puri, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Paul D. Sarvela, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office; Mohammad R. Sayeh, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Gina J. Shiplett, Student Center; Rebecca G. Skibinski, Workforce Education and Development; Michelle J. Suarez, Alumni Services; Jane Laurel Swanson, Psychology; Suresh K. Tadisina, Management; Rory Lee Walters, Student Health Center.

30 years:  Michael J. Ashner, Health Education and Recreation; Sylvia Ann Chalem, School of Allied Health; Bryan Kelso Crow, Speech Communication; Elyse Crowell, University Housing; Jean A. Cunningham, Counseling Center; Jon Davey, School of Architecture; Andrew G. Earnest, Mathematics; William Eichfeld, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Steven C. Jensen, School of Allied Health; Allan L. Karnes, College of Business; Joyce E. Killian, Curriculum and Instruction; L. Andersen Lindberg, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Lu Linda Lyons, Graduate School; Eric Paul Mandat, School of Music; Teresa M. McKinley, Pre-Major Advisement Center; Darcy J.K. Murphy, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Terry Allen Owens, College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Ronald James Pelias, Speech Communication; Kathleen Pericak-Spector, Mathematics; Scott J. Spector, Mathematics; Rita Boaz Sullivan, University Housing; Douglas B. Swain, Physical Plant Service; Lester E. Tichenor, Broadcasting Service; David Anthony Walls, Physical Plant Service.

35 years:  K.K. Collins, English; Harris Deller, School of Art and Design; Karen Delane Gibson, Zoology; Mary Ellen Lamb, English; Dan V. Shannon, Rural Health and Social Service Development Center.


10 years: Walter D. Bogard, Physical Plant Service; Francois Daniel Botha, Illinois Clean Coal Institute; Crystal Kay Bouhl, University Housing; Greg Bouhl, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Andra S. Collier, Bursar; Yavonne R. Field-Bagwell, SIU University-wide services; Kendall Lee Hollister, Department of Public Safety; Tao Lee Land, Intercollegiate Athletics; Nathan James Lincoln, Aviation Management and Flight; Jennifer Marie Meyer, School of Allied Health; John Michael Pearson, Management; Arun Subramanian, AIS Office; Thomas Robert Weber, Intercollegiate Athletics; Scott Lee Wright, Physical Plant Service.

15 years: Linda K. Auxier, Intercollegiate Athletics; Lynn Marie Bittle, Curriculum and Instruction; Charlene A. Burrell, Rehabilitation Institute; Judith K. Capie, AIS Office; Bruce DeRuntz, Technology; Jeffrey Paul Garner, University Communications; Cynthia Ann Yoakum Gerlock, Automotive Technology; Frederick John Gill, Physical Plant Service; Lynn T. Gill, Student Health Center; Kyle L. Harfst, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Kimberly Lynn Hawk, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Thomas Leroy Newton, Intercollegiate Athletics; Jason David Phillips, Student Health Center; Dena L. Stogsdill, College of Business; Mark Kent Varns, Theater; Barbara Woodside, Rainbow’s End.

20 years: Joyce A. Davis, Physical Plant Service.

25 years:  John H. Dunning, Department of Public Safety; Kimbra C. Frost, Library Affairs; Robert Louis Helleny, Information Technology; John Morgando, Physical Plant Service; Johnny Austin Spence, Physical Plant Service; Paula E. Wilkerson, University Housing.

30 years: Debra L. Fields, Research Development and Administration.


10 years:  Karrie A. Sheridan, Curriculum and Instruction.

20 years:  Rebecca Irene Bondi, Anthropology.


10 years:  Christopher M. Wieseman, Physical Plant Service.

15 years:  Bret B. Dougherty, Physical Plant Service; Holly Elizabeth Duckworth, Head Start Agency; Reuben A. Hawkins, Physical Plant Service; Gail B. Robinson, College of Science; Leonard C. Smith, Physical Plant Service.

25 years:  Ray Edward Houseman, Broadcasting Service; Pamela Jacobini, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale.

30 years: Laura A. Pind, Vice President for Financial & Administrative Affairs-SIU University-wide services.


10 years:  Thomas W. Harbert, College of Science.

De Soto

10 years:  Lisa Beth Peden, Learning Support Services; Gary W. Stearns, Physical Plant Service.

20 years:  Dana J. Vinyard, Information Technology.

25 years: Willie J. Cave-Dunkel, Aviation Technologies.

35 years:  David A. NewMyer, Aviation Management and Flight.


20 years:  Patricia Ann Shaffer, Student Health Center.

Du Quoin

10 years:  Cara Marie Alongi, Bursar; Jody Lynn Fred, Undergraduate Admissions; Kymberlee Jill Mills, Library Affairs; Marsha Dawn Morgenstern, Financial Aid Office; Stephen Wayne Moss, Information Technology; Robert Kent Phipps, International Students and Scholars; James Randy Shivley, Physical Plant Service; Christine A. Stewart, Political Science; Joseph Kent Wolfe, Physical Plant Service.

15 years:  Kim Carter, Aviation Management and Flight; Dennis Wayne Hamburger, Physical Plant Service.

20 years:  Kathy L. Krisfaluzy, Financial Aid Office.


20 years:  Bette A. Humphreys, Procurement Services; Cheryl Lynn Russell, Health Education and Recreation; Alecia E. Tucker, Physical Plant Service.


10 years:  Brenda Charlene Walker, Student Center.

Freeman Spur

10 years:  Joe Barney Restivo, Physical Plant Service.


25 years:  Keith F. Mortag, Aviation Management and Flight.


10 years:  Phillip W. Greer, School of Journalism.

15 years:  Jeff A. Goelz, Recreational Sports and Services.

20 years:  Christopher Scott Miller, Department of Public Safety; Robert Joe Wilt, Student Health Center.


10 years: Sandra K. Brown, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Michael Earl Burks, Physical Plant Service; Renee A. Colombo, Human Resources; Edward J. Helleny, Radio and Television; Jen-Kan Kent Hsiao, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Jason Wayne King, Intercollegiate Athletics; Norma J. Mitchell, Accounting Services; Carrie Dawn Schultheis, Broadcasting Service; Dwayne G. Summers, School of Allied Health; Melissa Ann Whitt, Division of Continuing Education; Rae Lee Wolaver, Accounting Services.

15 years:  Wanda Fay Bush, University Housing; Janna M. Gharbawi, Enrollment Management; Debra Iva Perkins, Head Start Agency; Sharon Mae Richardson, Department of Public Safety.

20 years:  Jennie M. Absher, Geography and Environmental Resources; Harold L. Delaney, Aviation Management and Flight; David Scott Kampe, Aviation Management and Flight.

25 years:  Dennis Earl Burks, Physical Plant Service; Linda Lou Preece, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies.


20 years:  Diane B. Korando, Linguistics.

Johnston City

10 years:  Darin Todd Barham, Workforce Education and Development; Karen Rose Sweiger-Veil, Foreign Languages and Literatures.

15 years:  Lisa Marie Lindhorst, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies.


10 years:  Dunren Che, Computer Science; Garland N. Killian, Physical Plant Service; Robin Rhuenell Vaughn, Student Health Center; Walter Victor Wendler, School of Architecture; Rebecca A. Yancey, Plant Biology; Taeho Yoh, Kinesiology.

15 years:  Robin H. Davis, Research Development and Administration; John Paul Dunn, Library Affairs; Richard D. Geilhausen Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Susan J. Moberly, School of Law; Daniel J. Parker, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Jie Zhang Tyrrell, Registrar’s Office.

25 years:  Mary S. Chaklos, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Kathy S. Doan, Rural Health and Social Service Development Center; Brenda O. Gilbert, Clinical Center; Michael M. Mangan, Physical Plant Service; Donna Marie Wilson, Kinesiology.


10 years:  Beverly Kay Baker, University Housing; Aimee Lynn Dasher, Undergraduate Admissions; Vicky Lynn Dasher, Education and Curriculum-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Geoffrey William Geittmann, Department of Public Safety; Rita J. Gilmore, School of Music; Kevin Holliday, Head Start Agency; Delores June Kerstein, Broadcasting Service; Kim S. Kipping, Workforce Education and Development; Renee Kirschbaum, Curriculum and Instruction; Darla Jean Lowe, Rural Health and Social Service Development Center; Rachel Diane Richey, Undergraduate Admissions; Neil Francis Saffelder, Physical Plant Service; Lori Ann Sizemore, Head Start Agency; Ronda L. Williams, Physical Plant Service.

15 years:  Jason Adam Bruce, University Communications; Thomas A. Clark, Physical Plant Service; Emily Sue Eldridge, Student Health Center; Elizabeth Grace Grounds, Curriculum and Instruction; Martin A. Hebel, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; William A. Henson, Physical Plant Service; Marilyn Jane Miller, School of Law Library; Patricia Norris, English; Harold Todd Vaughn, School of Allied Health.

20 years:  Lyle Cline, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Brenda Kay Dahmer, Workforce Education and Development.

25 years:  Adam C. Floro, Information Technology.

35 years:  Catherine Lumbattis, Accountancy.

Mount Vernon

10 years:  Patrick William Dilley, Educational Administration and Higher Education.


10 years:  Kimberly Ann Earl, Curriculum and Instruction.

25 years:  William J. McCollum, Physical Plant Service.


10 years:  Darrin Earl Baskin, Physical Plant Service; Staci Ann Batteau, Library Affairs; Scott Wayne Brandon, Physical Plant Service; Stephen L. Brown, Health Education and Recreation; Cindy Galway Buys, School of Law; David D. Craig, Physical Plant Service; Amy L. Eaton, Information Technology; Shelley M. Farrar, School of Medicine Carbondale Administration; James R. Guetersloh, Physical Plant Service; Trista Laneal Halliday, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Joan J. Martin, University Museum; Michael D. McCall, Physical Plant Service; Tanna Jo Morgan, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Linda Oliver-Bankhead, Head Start Agency; William T. Pierson, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Stacia Robertson, Rehabilitation Institute; Joyce Marie Schemonia, English; Luke Schumacher Schemonia, Plant and Service Operations; Sedonia Darlene Sipes, Plant Biology; Anthony Travelstead, Campus Mail Service; Johnathan D. Tremblay, University Press; Erin Noelle Troue, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office; Lichang Wang, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

15 years:  Misty K. Butler, Traffic and Parking; Paul T. Chapman, Physical Plant Service; David Joseph Degenhardt, Physical Plant Service; Paula D. Heine, Education and Curriculum, School of Medicine, Carbondale; Keith Allen Rendleman, Physical Plant Service; David A. Rush, Theater; Glenda D. Sullivan, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Michele Lynn Tourville, University Housing; Brenda Kaye Williamson, University Housing.

20 years:  David Michael Ardrey, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Michele Anne Baird, Curriculum and Instruction; Bonnie L. Bateman, University Housing; Leonard Charles Brantley, Physical Plant Service; Scott E. Bridges, Information Technology; Robert David DeHoet, University Museum; Cheonae Kim, School of Art and Design; Thomas Wayne Lipe, University Housing; Eva Pregowski, Rehabilitation Institute; Brenda Kay Roth, Head Start Agency; Michael W. Rothe, Intercollegiate Athletics; Lidia Claus Stahl, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Darrell Wayne Taylor, Rehabilitation Institute; Sandra W. Williams, AIS Office.

25 years:  Kevin D. Bame, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Cheryl A. Clutts, University Housing; Rodney B. Collard, Automotive Technology; Dana M. Hunsperger, College of Engineering; Kathy Sue Lundeen, Center for Archaeological Investigations; Theresa Lynn Mills, Department of Public Safety; Linda Kay Porter-Smith, Library Affairs; Melinda Ann Purcell, Theater; Cheryl Ann Reinhardt, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Karen L. Waldron, School of Journalism; Jennifer L. Watson, Human Resources.

30 years:  Patricia Anne Bateman, Traffic and Parking; Susan D. Dallas, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab; Pamela L. Graham, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center; Judy Jo Phillips, Student Health Center; Carla S. Quigley, Physical Plant Service.

35 years:  Kay M. Zivkovich, School of Art and Design.

45 years:  Donald R. Tindall, Plant Biology.


10 years:  Elizabeth Jean Cheek, Plant and Service Operations.


15 years:  Pamela Jean McGuire, University Housing.


15 years:  Jennifer Wright, Student Health Center.


10 years:  Lois Ann Clark, Head Start Agency.


20 years:  Linda F. Dorsey, Information Technology.


10 years:  Christopher M. Vick, Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems.


10 years:  Sherida Jean Evans, School of Journalism; Kurt T. Winters, Physical Plant Service.


10 years:  Rebecca Michelle Winterrowd, School of Law Library.

West Frankfort

10 years:  Vicky Lynn McLaskey, Payroll; Denise M. Sullivan, Student Health Center.

15 years:  Debra L. Clay, School of Journalism; Billie Jo Donas, School of Law; Royann Wilson, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield.

20 years:  Dawn A. Carroll, Curriculum and Instruction.



25 years:  Dennis Lee Lithgow, College of Engineering Outreach Programs.



10 years:  Mary E. Hagerman, Workforce Education and Development.


Washington, D.C.

10 years:  Nettie P. Brisco, College of Applied Sciences and Arts Off-Campus Academic Programs.


St. Louis

15 years:  Stephen Craig Shulman, Political Science.


Browns Mills

10 years:  Cheryl R. Butters, Workforce Education and Development


Federal Way

10 years:  Garfield Arthur Anderson, Workforce Education and Development


La Crosse

20 years:  Lane H. Clark, Mathematics.