August 30, 2011

Alumni Association announces restructuring

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Organizational changes within the SIU Alumni Association will provide the unit with greater personnel flexibility and optimum use of resources, according to Executive Director Michelle Suarez.

Gene Green, the SIU Alumni Association’s director of communications, will assume additional responsibilities as associate director.  Kathy Dillard will become director of corporate relations; Tina Shingleton will assume duties of secretary to the SIU Alumni Association Board and assistant to the executive director; and Brent Zelten will assume duties of assistant to the director of off-campus programs and chapter development.  In addition, an editorial writer will manage additional responsibilities within the area of communications as a full-time team member.  All other staff members will continue working in their current capacities.

In addition, for the first time in many years, all SIU Alumni Association personnel will work from Colyer Hall, 1235 Douglas Drive, as the satellite office in the Student Center closed earlier this month as part of the fiscal initiative.

“Not only will these changes allow us to make better use of personnel, but restructuring also will result in financial savings for the University and the Association,” Suarez said. “The way we serve our alumni, and the means we must now use to insure that level continues, has dramatically changed over the years. Having everyone together will allow us to stay focused on crucial initiatives and help our staff serve a large and diverse alumni base.”

SIU Alumni Association President Ray Serati said he is excited about the restructuring.

“Factors behind this decision are based on strong and valid reasoning,” he said. “This will help the Association continue to support our alma mater in the years to come. Remaining status quo would have made it more difficult to accomplish some of our goals, so I see this as a proactive step to maximize both resources and personnel.”

The restructuring plan has the approval of SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng, the SIU Alumni Association staff, and the Association's Executive Committee.

“Our alumni are incredibly supportive of our students and the University, and we continue to look for new ways to be responsive to them,” Cheng said. “I appreciate the work Michelle and her team are doing to find new efficiencies while strengthening our connections with alumni everywhere.”