August 17, 2011

Ceremony, reception will honor 152 retirees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 152 retirees at a retirement ceremony and reception later this month.

The event is Wednesday, Aug. 24, in the Student Center Ballrooms.  The ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m., with a reception following in the John W. Corker Lounge.

Chancellor Rita Cheng and her husband, Tom Cheng, will host the evening’s festivities.  Jak Tichenor, a producer with SIU Broadcasting Service, is master of ceremonies.  The event honors employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2010, and Aug. 31, 2011.

A ceremony honoring University service award recipients will be Tuesday, Sept. 20, at the Student Center.

Here are the retirees listed by hometowns and years of service.


Alto Pass

Marilyn L. Rivers, Director, Center for English as a Second Language, 17 years.


Lisa M. Hartline, Office Manager, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Sciences, 31 years.


Gary L. Messersmith, Clinical Instructor, Office of Teacher Education, 16 years.

Charles B. Wyatt, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.


Connie M. Childers, Office Manager, Psychology, 19 years.

Susan C. Edgren, Director, Division of Continuing Education, 35 years.


Loretta F. Baggott, Office Support Specialist, International Development, 15 years.


Naseem Ahmed, Education Coordinator, International Programs and Services, 21 years.

Pamela J. Anderson, Assistant Records Management Officer, Records Management, 31 years.

Harold L. Bagley, Grounds Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 22 years.

Philip B. Bankester, Associate Director, University Communications, 29 years.

Kelvin L. Booker, Admissions and Records Supervisor, International Students and Scholars, 24 years.

David R. Bouhl, Deputy Director, Information Technology, 13 years.

Bradley J. Brooks, Superintendent of Building Services, Physical Plant Service, 32 years.

Mary Jane Brooks, Administrative Clerk, Women’s Studies, 14 years.

Robert L. Brown, Bindery Worker Foreman, Printing and Duplicating Service, 33 years.

Sheila C. Brown, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant Service, 28 years.

Robert R. Bush, Dragline Training Specialist, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center, 10 years.

David P. Clark, Professor, Microbiology, 29 years.

Rickey D. Clark, Press Technician Assistant, Printing and Duplicating Service, 25 years.

Robert S. Corruccini, Professor and Distinguished Scholar, Anthropology, 32 years.

Martha C. Crothers, Lecturer, Educational Psychology and Special Education, 11 years.

Diane K. Daugherty, Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics, 25 years.

Kathleen A. Dodd, Physician’s Assistant in Medicine, Student Health Center, 13 years.

Stephen J. Dollinger, Professor and Distinguished Teacher, Psychology, 34 years.

Jolanta A. Dziegielewska, Academic Adviser, College of Education and Human Services Advisement Office, 21 years.

Andrew G. Earnest, Chairperson/Professor, Mathematics, 30 years.

Phillip R. Eberle, Associate Professor, Agribusiness Economics, 28 years.

Barbara G. Elam, Coordinator, Student Health Center, 31 years.

Karen D. Gibson, Storekeeper III, Zoology, 35 years.

Linda M. Gibson, Office Support Specialist, Mathematics, 29 years.

Richard S. Halbrook, Associate Professor, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab/Zoology, 17 years.

Charles E. Hammond, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 24 years.

David Jennings, Police Officer, Department of Public Safety, 25 years.

Steven C. Jensen, Professor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- School of Allied Health, 30 years.

Mark J. Kittleson, Professor, Health Education and Recreation, 21 years.

Bobby E. Lee, Storekeeper II, Enrollment Management, 32 years.

Fern H. Logan, Associate Professor, Cinema and Photography, 15 years.

Randall J. Lubbert, Director, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center, 22 years.

John E. Marzolf, Associate Professor, Geology, 29 years.

Patricia A. McNeil, Assistant Dean, Graduate School, 37 years.

John S. Mead, Coal Research Center, 22 years.

Carolyn J. Montgomery, Administrative Aide, College of Business, 26 years.

Jarvis C. Morgan, Building Service Worker, Physical Plant, 33 years.

Michael T. Most, Associate Professor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- Aviation Technologies, 24 years.

Barbara A. Mueller, Administrative Aide, Alumni Services, 26 years.

James J. Musumeci, Chairperson/Associate Professor, Finance, 18 years.

Edward G. Neuman, Professor, Mathematics, 26 years.

Nancy L. Nowak, Staff Nurse II, Student Health Center, 19 years.

Daniel A. Primont, Professor, Economics, 31 years.

Alvin R. Putnam, Associate Professor, Workforce Education and Development, 14 years.

Don S. Rice, Professor, Anthropology, 20 years.

Prudence M. Rice, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Development/Professor and Distinguished Scholar, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean /Anthropology, 20 years.

Virginia B. Rinella, Director, Pre-Major Advisement Center, 42 years.

Suzanne J. Schmitz, Assistant Professor, School of Law, 18 years.

Mei-Hu Lin Shiue, Child Care Assistant, Rainbow’s End, 11 years.

Sharon A. Shrock, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, 31 years.

Harriet F. Simon, Textual Editor, Center for Dewey Studies, 34 years.

Sharon J. Simons, Office Support Specialist, Geology, 19 years.

Rebecca G. Skibinski, Academic Adviser, Workforce Education and Development, 25 years.

Sharlet R. Smith, Program Administrative Assistant, Constituent Relations and Special Events, 31 years.

William C. Stevens, Director, Research Development and Administration, 22 years.

Rita B. Sullivan, Housing Officer, University Housing, 30 years.

Joe W. Swindell, Broadcast Engineer, Broadcasting Service, 25 years.

Tedi L. Thomas, Office Administrator, Anthropology, 33 years.

 Shirley A. Walker, Building Service Foreman, University Housing, 19 years.

David A. Walls, Plumber Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 30 years.

Carla S. Williams, Building Service Worker, University Housing, 21 years.

Donna Williams, Associate Director, Financial Aid Office, 29 years.

Yvonne Williams, Director, Center for Academic Success, 28 years.

Carrier Mills

David M. Bramlet, Ironworker, Physical Plant Service, 7 years.

Terry L. Vanmeter, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 15 years.


Joyce Ambler, Office Administrator, Health Education and Recreation, 30 years.

Michael C. Bernardoni, Printing Estimator, Printing and Duplicating Service, 30 years.

Bobby G. Church, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 8 years.

Michael D. Dotson, Assistant Professor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies, 22 years.

Ronnie D. Duty, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Charles R. Forbes, Senior Lecturer, Workforce Education and Development, 8 years.

John Morgando, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Lavonne J. Norris, Cooks Helper, University Housing, 4 years.

Mary S. Pedigo, Office Administrator, Forestry, 16 years.

Darla B. Shelby, Office Manager, Student Center, 26 years.

Eddie E. Starkey, Senior Lecturer, Health Education and Recreation, 26 years.

Edward B. Thompson, Assistant Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics, 31 years.


Deborah L. Deaton, Administrative Nurse I, Student Health Center, 21 years.


Joseph T. Masden, Associate Professor, Physics, 28 years.

Jack R. Nawrot, Senior Scientist, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab, 37 years.

Liming Poppen, Computer Information Specialist, College of Science, 21 years.


Charles F. Leonard, Police Officer, Department of Public Safety, 15 years.

De Soto

Nancy L. Mallett, Office Manager, Economics, 29 years.

Carole E. Shirley, Local Area Network Administrator, College of Education and Human Services, 31 years.

Earl B. Simpson, Field Representative, Transfer Student Services, 23 years.

Barbara J. Summers, Library Operations Associate, Library Affairs, 18 years.

Victoria E. Valle, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management, 3 years.


Judy K. Brown, Office Manager, Sociology, 17 years.


Jackie L. Hammer, Broadcasting Engineer, Broadcasting Service, 22 years.

Du Quoin

Donald R. Kunkel, Electrician, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.

Sandra K. Marek, Payroll Specialist II, Payroll, 9 years.

Martha E. Poiter, Public Functions Supervisor, Office of the President, 19 years.

Edgar A. Pursell, Refrigeration Mechanic, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.


Anna Marie Alms, Office Administrator, College of Engineering, 21 years.

Linda S. Martin, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor Research and Graduate Dean, 23 years.

Allen D. Yates, Maintenance Equipment Operator, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.


Mary E. Sikorski, Assistant Director, Head Start Agency, 22 years.


Patsy J. Arnold, Communication Services Specialist I, Information Technology, 16 years.


Michael D. Keith, Deputy Director, Construction Management Services, 5 years.


Rhonda S. Brumitt, Administrative Assistant I, Workforce Education and Development, 21 years.


Vernon J. Cornell, Senior Library Specialist, Library Affairs, 32 years.

Paula K. Davis, Professor, Rehabilitation Institute, 29 years.

William R. Devenport, Associate Professor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts – School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies, 29 years.

Katherine A. Jacobson, Laboratory Manager, Zoology, 38 years.

Richard A. Jumps, Kitchen Helper, University Housing, 5 years.

Daniel J. Parker, Laboratory Manager, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 15 years.


Nancy J. Cline, Researcher I, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, 11 years.

E. Arthur Frailey, Maintenance Laborer, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.

Rita J. Gilmore, Office Support Specialist, School of Music, 10 years.

Linda E. Hancock, Office Support Specialist, Mathematics, 13 years.

Richard A. Palmer, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 22 years.


Everett A. Blackwell, Bindery Worker II, Printing and Duplicating Service, 21 years.

Marion V. Cathey, Office Manager, Plant Biology, 31 years.

John D. Cotter, Assistant Professor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- Aviation Technologies, 27 years.

Gary E. Crow, Carpenter, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

Susan T. Douglas, Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction, 6 years.

Pamela L. Graham, Program Administrative Assistant, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center, 29 years.

Linda L. Harnetiaux, Administrative Aide, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 23 years.

Ron L. Heiple, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 30 years.

Michael L. Hobbs, Print Technician, Printing and Duplicating Service, 24 years.

Helen M. Howell, Building Service Sub-Foreman, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Michael T. Madigan, Professor and Distinguished Scholar, Microbiology, 32 years.

Laura L. Murphy, Professor, Physiology, 23 years.

Jeri L. Novara, Administrative Aide, Accountancy, 31 years.

Deborah F. Piquard, Office Support Specialist, Office of Military Programs, 19 years.

Virginia S. Plumlee, Chief Rehabilitation Counselor, Evaluation and Developmental Center, 23 years.

Ralph J. Robertson, Professor, School of Law, 27 years.

David A. Rush, Professor, Theater, 15 years.

Violet P. Russell, Office Support Specialist, University Women’s Professional Advancement, 22 years.

Alan C. Vaux, Dean/Professor, College of Liberal Arts/Psychology, 31 years.

Charlene Wallace, Chief Clerk, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- Aviation Management and Flight, 21 years.

Cheryl A. Wright, Food Production Manager, University Housing, 22 years.


Elaine A. Broomfield, First Cook, University Housing, 18 years.


Catherine A. Schmidt, Researcher III, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Sciences, 27 years.


Dianna D. Kuhnert, Administrative Aide, Materials Technology Center, 19 years.


Jack A. Kremers, Professor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- School of Architecture, 5 years.


David L. Freeman, Carpenter, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.



Moreno Valley

Andrea K. Orrantia, Administrative Clerk, Workforce Education and Development, 24 years.

San Diego

Mark R. Lee, Professor, School of Law, 34 years.



Washington, D.C.

Deirdre E. Jefferson, Program Adviser, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- Off-Campus Academic Programs, 10 years.



Boynton Beach

Leonard Gross, Professor, School of Law, 27 years.


Judy A. James, Dishroom Supervisor, University Housing, 6 years.




Joan V. Jefferies, Assistant Instructor, College of Applied Sciences and Arts -- School of Allied Health, 17 years.




Saroj J. Sharma, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, 12 years.




Marsha F. May, Program Adviser, College of Engineering Outreach Programs, 18 years.