July 18, 2011

Association offers three-year membership option

by Phil Riggs

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The SIU Alumni Association now offers a new option for new or returning members. The new plan is available to individual and joint members who prefer a single-payment, three-year membership with the Association.

“We wanted to provide as much flexibility for our members as possible,” says Laura Taylor, director of member services. “This new three-year membership option allows our members an affordable way to stay connected with SIU. It’s a great way to commit to membership before investing in a life membership.”

Members who choose the three-year membership option won’t have to worry about annual dues. The cost for a three-year individual membership is $100 and a three-year joint membership is $150.

For more information about membership options for the SIU Alumni Association, call 618/453-2408 or visit online at www.siualumni.com/join.