June 15, 2011

Undergraduate students capture REACH awards

by Tim Crosby

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Nearly two dozen students qualified for a Southern Illinois University Carbondale award that funds undergraduate research and creative activities for promising projects and students.
The 23 winning students will receive Research-Enriched Academic Challenge Awards from the University beginning this fall. The so-called REACH award winners will receive up to $1,500 in funding for their projects, along with a paid one-year research assistantship that will pair them with an SIUC faculty member as they work on various research and creative projects. A total of 45 students applied for the award.
The competitive program is open to all disciplines, with the University offering about 20 grant awards each year to students working on an independent research project with a faculty mentor. REACH also supports the University's annual Undergraduate Research Forum, held in late April, during which students present posters describing their research projects.
Winners of this year’s awards include:
• Joseph M. Antonacci, a junior in mechanical engineering, for “IGCC Energy and Exercise Analysis.” He is the son Tony and Deb Antonacci of Breese. His faculty mentor is Kanchan Mondal, associate professor of mechanical engineering and energy processes.
• Megan C. Archer, a sophomore in chemistry, for “Can Oasis HLB be Used to Predict Bioavailability of Pesticides?” She is the daughter of James H. and Linda S. Archer of Columbia. Her faculty mentors are Michael Lydy, professor of zoology, and Amanda Harwood, a research assistant in the Fisheries & Illinois Aquaculture Center at SIUC.
• Steven D. Ebers, a sophomore in biological sciences, for “The Effects of the Inhibition of the Action of Testosterone in Male YHR Positive Mice.” He is the son of Richard L. and Deborah H. Davis of Cutler. His faculty mentor is Prema Narayan, assistant professor of physiology.
• Jenny R. Brown, a sophomore in biological sciences, for “Cloning of Genes Involved in Biosynthesis of Anticancer Compounds in Wood.” She is the daughter of Christopher M. and Robin K. Brown of Effingham. Her faculty mentor is Aldwin Anterola, assistant professor of plant biology.
• Brogan M. Gust, a sophomore in chemistry, for “Optical Electron Spin Resonance Ability for Studying Cs/Xe and Rb/Xe.” He is the son of Karl M. and Claudette A. Gust of Elgin. His faculty mentor is Boyd Goodson, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry.
• Danielle R. McGrew, a junior in photojournalism and anthropology, for “Proper Exposure: Revealing Daily Life on the Family Farm.” She is the daughter of Larry J. and Barbara A. McGrew of Flora. Her faculty mentor is Mark Dolan, assistant professor in the School of Journalism.
• Derrick D. Haan, a junior in physiology, for “Does Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Worsen Functional Recovery after Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats?” He is the son of Gerald J. and Judith L. Haan of Lansing and the late Darleen J. Free. His faculty mentor is Michael Hoane, associate professor of psychology.
• Yuri Fedorovich, a senior in physiology. He is the son of Irene Fedorovich of Marion. Fedorovich’s faculty mentor is Andrew A. Sharp, assistant professor of anatomy.
Mount Carmel
• Trey Beckerman, a junior in exercise science, for “The effects of using an external focus of attention when putting a golf ball.” He is the son of Terry W. and Beth A. Beckerman of Mount Carmel. His faculty mentor is Jared Porter, assistant professor of kinesiology.
• Amanda M. Baumgartner, a junior in psychology, for “Optimal Foraging in Rapidly Changing Environment.” She is the daughter of Thomas A. and Mary C. Baumgartner of Mundelein. Her faculty mentor is Eric Jacobs, associate professor of psychology.
• Rachel N. Frichtl, a junior in animal science, for “Effects of Feeding Waste Cottage Cheese to Finishing Swine.” She is the daughter of Douglas J. and Mary T. Frichtl of Newton. Her faculty mentor is Gary Apgar, associate professor of animal science, food and nutrition.
• Alexis M. Bergman, a sophomore in zoology, for “Phylogeography of Big Fin Reef Squid and Indian Squid.” She is the daughter of David J. and Susan M. Berman of Quincy. Her faculty mentor is Frank Anderson, associate professor of zoology.
• Scott J. Bradfield, a senior in plant biology, for “Effects of Nanoparticles on Soybean Plants.” He is the son of George L. Jr. and Sara M Bradfield of Quincy. His faculty mentor is Xingmao “Samuel” Ma, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering.
• Jordan L. Kabat, a senior in mechanical engineering, for “Analytical Study of Parameters for Scale-Up Fabrication of Nanotubes.” Kabat’s parents are Mark and Lori Kabat of Scheller. Kabat’s faculty mentor is Kanchan Mondal, associate professor of mechanical engineering and energy processes.
• Christopher M. Peters, a junior in geography and environmental resources, for “Analysis of Paleoflood Impacts Along the Mississippi River Using Dendrochronology.” Peters is the son of Michael T. Peters of Downers Grove and Sarah E. Seelbach of Springfield. His faculty mentor is Matthew Therrell, assistant professor of geography and environmental resources.
• Loren M. Luehr, a junior in human nutrition and dietetics, for “Food Sustainability: Are the Girl Scouts Aware?” Luehr is the daughter of Lora D. Wolters of Steeleville and Rodger A. Guebert of Naperville. Her faculty mentor is Sylvia Smith, assistant professor of animal science, food and nutrition.
• Caitlin C. Moliske, a sophomore in physiology, for “Investigating DEAF-1’s Role in Apoptosis.” Moliske is the daughter of Michael L. and Lori A. Moliske of Taylorville. Her faculty mentor is Jodi Huggenvik, associate professor of physiology.
• Jessica M. Stout, a junior in physiology, for “Effects of Stroke on Nogo-A mRNA Expression in the Rat Cerebral Cortex.” Stout is the daughter of Michael J. Stout of Springfield and Marcy A. Stout of Taylorville. Her faculty mentor is Joseph L Cheatwood, assistant professor of anatomy.
• Robert J. Kohler, a junior in cinema and photography, for “In George’s Cave,” a short film. Kohler is the son of Scott A. and Katy B. Kohler of Winfield. His faculty mentor is R. William Rowley, associate professor of cinema and photography.
Lake Elizabeth
• Jason Scott Henry, a senior in plant and soil science, for “Polysaccharide constituents in Cell Walls: A Correlation Between Structure and Stomata Function.” Henry is the son of Ken F. and Joan D. Henry of Lake Elizabeth, Calif. His faculty mentor is Karen Renzaglia, associate professor of plant biology.
Ann Arbor
• Jessica L. Suchon, a junior in journalism, for “A Poetry Collection to Raise Awareness of Domestic Abuse.” Suchon is the daughter of John P. and Marilyn J. Suchon of Ann Arbor, Mich. Her faculty mentor is Judy Jordan, associate professor of English.
St. Louis
• Julie C. Schroeter, a junior in animal science, for “Effects of Ghrelin and Gastrin-Releasing Peptide on Food Intake in Channel Catfish.” Schroeter is the daughter of John W. and Donna R. Schroeter of St. Louis. Her faculty mentor is Brian Small, associate professor of animal science, food and nutrition.