June 14, 2011

Alumni can focus support with Presto program

by Phil Riggs

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The SIU Alumni Association's Presto program is a membership incentive program aimed at providing financial support for constituencies, Greeks and colleges. The program assists the groups in reuniting alumni through various receptions, meetings and reunions.
“The goal of this program is to financially assist groups who are interested in establishing and maintaining relationships with specific alumni populations,” says Laura Taylor, director of member services. “We are always striving to enhance alumni affiliation with the University as well as the colleges and groups that they represent; the Presto program allows us to do exactly that.”
For every new membership generated, a portion of the dues can go straight to the support of your favorite group. Members are not only reconnecting with fellow alumni and old friends, but are also being assured that the money generated is being used in their best interests. Along with the program’s larger participants such as the SIU colleges, other interest groups are also making use of what the Presto program has to offer. Some of these current participants include the Greek Alumni Group, Alumni Band Group, the Black Alumni Group, and the Army ROTC.
The Presto program offers a great way to bring back alumni to the SIU environment so that they can network with other Salukis who share common interests, an important tool in today’s professional world. If you would like more information on how you can get your organization involved in the Presto program, please call the SIU Alumni Association at 618/453-2408.