May 27, 2011

WED program to host master's students

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Students enrolled in one of Southern Illinois University Carbondale's off-campus master's degree programs will travel from all over the country to be on campus for two weeks this summer.

The College of Education and Human Services’ Department of Workforce Education and Development (WED) has a long history of providing degree programs to current military personnel and veterans as well as other people. The majority of students in the off-campus master’s program completed their bachelor’s degrees through one of the programs SIUC offers on 14 military bases around the U.S.

Each summer for more than two decades, master’s students in the WED program have come to campus for an intensive two-week summer session. This year it kicks off with an orientation and campus tour on June 12 followed by all-day classes Monday through Friday, June 13-24.

The first summer session begins the master’s program for the students. While on campus, they’ll set up their programs of study allowing them to complete their master’s degrees online (or utilizing transfer credit), with the exception of attending the two-week summer session during two summers. During the time that the 14-20 students will be on campus, they will attend two classes with other SIUC students.

“Many of these students are using two weeks of their vacation time to come to campus to further their education. This commitment to their education is admirable, said Barbara Hagler, director of graduate programs for WED.