May 23, 2011

Benefit Choice Sessions planned

Student Center, Ballroom C and Corker Lounge

Wednesday, May 25, 9 a.m., noon and 2 p.m.

A final decision regarding the managed care contracts for fiscal year 2012 has not been made. As a result, health carrier names (i.e. Health Alliance, HealthLink), coverage areas and rates have not been made available. CMS recommends delaying your health carrier choice until information is available on all plans. Once CMS posts this information to its website, HR Benefits will notify you of the options available and the deadline date for selecting FY 2012 coverage. Benefit changes that are going to happen and any new information for health insurance plans will be made available.

Benefit Choice Sessions are planned for Wednesday, May 25, at the Student Center in Ballroom C. See times above. All changes and any new information will be reviewed during these sessions. The Benefit Choice sessions offer you the opportunity to receive information concerning your benefits and what changes will take place for the new plan year. It also allows you the opportunity to speak with representatives from Human Resources and various vendors.

Mark your calendar and be sure to make plans to attend! For detailed information regarding this year’s changes and enhancements, please visit the Human Resource website under “FY 2012 Benefits Choice Enrollment Period”at or CMS’ Benefits Choice website at For a summary of the FY 2012 plan changes, see pages 3 and 4 of the Benefit Choice Options booklet or you can link to these changes on the HR website.

As in the past, CMS will NOT be providing hard copies of the Benefit Choice Options Booklet this year!


Prudential -- Long Term Disability Open Enrollment

Prudential will also be offering an open enrollment during the month of May. During this open enrollment, employees may sign up for coverage without any medical underwriting, unless you have been denied coverage in the past. What is this coverage for? It is disability insurance that pays you while you are disabled and unable to work. You may receive up to 66.67 percent of your monthly salary (less any payment from SURS that you may be eligible to receive). The Prudential LTD benefits are all tax-free. Your personalized enrollment kit will be arriving at your campus address within the week. A representative from Prudential will be available throughout the day on May 25 to answer any questions you may have. This enrollment period will not be extended.


Prudential -- Long Term Disability Rates Decreases

For those of you currently enrolled in Prudential, we are pleased to announce that the premium rates will decrease by 10 percent effective July 1. These same rates will apply to anyone enrolling during open enrollment. These rates are guaranteed for a three-year period. For semi-monthly and bi-weekly paid employees, these new rates will be reflected on your check paid July 15, 2011. For monthly paid employees, these rates will be reflected on your check paid Aug. 1, 2011.


If you have questions about the Benefit Choice options, call Employee Benefits at 453-6668. Visit for forms or more information. Be informed! Review your Benefit Choice Options Booklet on-line. There is important information in this booklet concerning your insurance plan!