April 26, 2011

Multi-ethnic students to receive academic honors

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The 15th annual Multi-Ethnic Student Academic Excellence Awards at Southern Illinois University Carbondale will recognize and honor multi-ethnic undergraduate students for academic excellence.

The awards are set for 7-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27, in Ballrooms B and C at the Student Center. About 100 SIUC students will receive accolades for their accomplishments.

“Recognizing minority students who achieve academically shows that excellence can be achieved. I believe these students have a strong work ethic, positive attitude and that they stay focused on striving to break barriers,” said Douglas Calhoun, a higher education student assisting with the excellence awards.

“Recognizing the outstanding academic accomplishments of our students is vital to maintaining high morale in our student body. Commending these driven and determined students shows that we appreciate their hard work and effort,” added Tai Askew Gibson, an accounting graduate student from Bowling Green, Ky., who helped plan the event.

The event will recognize multi-ethnic students who earned spots on the Dean’s List for their respective colleges for at least two consecutive semesters. There will be awards as well for several faculty and staff who the students nominated for recognition for their efforts to help the students succeed. The ceremony will include the awards presentation, entertainment and light refreshments. Devin Moran, a graduate student in educational administration and higher education from Lexington, Ky., helped plan the ceremony. He said the awards highlight the accomplishments of students representing diverse ethnicities and areas of study on campus and, “My hope is that these students will continue on their successful journey and encourage others to do the same.”