April 14, 2011

Board approves faculty promotions, tenure awards

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The Southern Illinois University Carbondale Board of Trustees, meeting at the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield, today (April 14) ratified academic promotions and granted tenure for SIUC faculty members. Promotions take effect July 1, and in general, tenure awards are effective with the fall 2011 semester.

Nineteen faculty members earned promotions from associate professor to professor, while 40 faculty members earned promotions from assistant professor to associate professor. A total of 46 faculty members were awarded tenure.

“Achieving tenure and promotion is a significant accomplishment. Each of these individuals is to be congratulated for their achievements. These faculty members are committed to outstanding research, teaching, professional and community service,” Chancellor Rita Cheng said. “Our students benefit from their expertise, and we all benefit from the new knowledge they create.”

Following is a list of those promoted (grouped by rank, with academic units and places of residence). Those receiving tenure have a “t” in parenthesis after their names.

• From associate professor to professor:

Samir Aouadi, physics, (Carterville); Cindy G. Buys, law, (Murphysboro); Joan M. Davis, allied health, (Carbondale); Bruce DeRuntz, technology, (Carterville); Jennifer L. Dunn, sociology, (Carbondale); Carl R. Flowers, Rehabilitation Institute, (Carbondale); Jason T. Greene (t), finance, (Carbondale); Todd C. Headrick, educational psychology and special education (Carbondale); Edward G. Pultorak, curriculum and instruction, (Joliet); Karen S. Renzaglia, plant biology, (Carbondale); Janet L. Rogers, allied health, (Murphysboro); Charles M. Ruffner, forestry, (Murphysboro); José R. Ruiz, aviation management and flight, (Murphysboro); Joseph A. Schafer, criminology and criminal justice, (Murphysboro); Henri U. Schurz, mathematics, (Carbondale); Richard E. Smith, art and design, (Murphysboro); David E. Sutton, anthropology, (Makanda); Lichang Wang, chemistry and biochemistry, (Murphysboro); Alison Watts, economics, (Carbondale).

• From assistant professor to associate professor:

Kemal Akkaya (t), computer science, (Carbondale); Ira J. Altman (t), agribusiness economics, (Carbondale); Aldwin M. Anterola (t), plant biology, (Carbondale); Julie Arendt (t), library affairs, (Carbondale); Sarah M. Buila (t), social work, (Cobden); Royce D. Burnett (t), accountancy, (Carbondale); Randolph Burnside (t), political science, (Carbondale); S. Morgan Chitiyo (t), educational psychology and special education, (Murphysboro);

Elizabeth J. Cox (t), library affairs, (Murphysboro); Chifeng Dai (t), economics, (Carbondale); Susan Davenport (t), music, (Carbondale); Julie K. Davis (t), allied health, (Benton); Jane Elizabeth Dougherty (t), English, (Carbondale); William A. Drennan (t), law, (Carbondale); Sally A. Gradle (t), art and design, (Champaign); Barbara E. Hagler (t), workforce education and development, (Cape Girardeau, Mo.);

Daryl G. Kroner (t), criminology and criminal justice, (Carbondale); W. Novotny Lawrence (t), radio-television, (Carbondale); Jiyong Lee (t), art and design, (Carbondale); Christopher L. Morehouse (t), music, (Carbondale); Christopher W. Mullins (t), criminology and criminal justice (Carbondale); H. James Nelson (t), management, (Carbondale); Ryan A. Netzley (t), English, (Carbondale); Cinzia Padovani (t), radio-television, (Carbondale);

Meungguk Park (t), kinesiology, (Carbondale); Susan G. Patrick Benson (t), theater, (Carbondale); D. Joy Reese (t), social work, (Carbondale); Justin T. Schoof (t), geography and environmental resources, (Carbondale); Jon E. Schoonover (t), forestry, (Carterville); Cynthia H. Sims (t), workforce education and development, (Carbondale); Stacey L. Sloboda (t), art and design, (Carbondale); Carl J. Spezia (t), technology, (Herrin);

Jale Tezcan (t), civil and environmental engineering, (Carbondale); Guangxing Wang (t), geography and environmental resources, (Carbondale); Yu-Wei Wang (t), psychology, (Carbondale); Ning Weng (t), electrical and computer engineering, (Carbondale); Gray Whaley (t), history, (Carbondale); Gregory W. Whitledge (t), zoology, (Carbondale); Jianhong Xu (t), mathematics, (Carbondale); Mengxia Zhu (t), computer science, (Carbondale).

In addition, Cheryl B. Jarvis, an associate professor, marketing, (Carbondale); Edward O’Donnell, an associate professor, accountancy, (Murphysboro); Herman Peterson, an associate professor, library affairs, (Carbondale); Donald Sparling, an associate professor, zoology, (Murphysboro), and Anthony Spearing, an associate professor, mining and mineral resources engineering, (Carterville), received tenure.