April 05, 2011

Students snag Alumni Association externships

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- This spring break, instead of flocking to sunny hot spots for some fun in the sun, 206 students from various colleges at Southern Illinois University Carbondale spent time developing important career skills through the Extern Program offered by the SIU Alumni Association.

The program, designed as a way to introduce students to successful alumni and friends in their prospective areas of study, began in 1984 and continues to serve as a beneficial way for juniors and seniors to gain valuable on-the-job experience while still in school.

The SIU Alumni Association matches students with major companies across the country as a way to further its commitment to up-and-coming graduates of the University. In the past, extern sponsors have included companies such as the Chicago Tribune, Boeing, Merrill Lynch, Sentinel Technologies, Continental Airlines, CareerBuilder.com and the Illinois Trade Office in Chicago.

Tuesday Ashner, director of student, college, and constituent relations for the association, said many sponsors view the program as a great way to interview potential employees.

“As a matter of fact, 40 percent of our externs are offered future full-time employment or an internship position, which says a lot in today’s job market,” Ashner said. “Not only does our program allow students to get their foot in the door while not missing any classes, but it also gives them the upper edge on most students who lack the valuable experience that you gain through this five-day program.”

To learn more about the SIU Alumni Association’s Extern Program please call the Association at 618/453-2408 or visit online at www.siualumni.com.