January 19, 2011

Minish resigns as provost-senior vice chancellor

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Gary L. Minish, provost and senior vice chancellor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, today (Jan. 19) submitted his resignation to SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng.

Minish, who formally began his duties as provost on Dec. 15, indicated his resignation would be effective on Jan. 21 and requested to be re-assigned to a tenured faculty position within the College of Agricultural Sciences.

The following statements were issued by Chancellor Cheng and SIU President Glenn Poshard.

Chancellor Cheng:

“While words cannot express how deeply disappointed I am that Dr. Minish’s service as provost was so short lived, I respect his decision. In just the past few days, I learned that Dr. Minish is concerned about the direction in which the University is moving. It is clear that he has misgivings about the changes that have been implemented over the past several months and the initiatives that are planned for the future.”

President Poshard:

“Dr. Minish’s administrative experience made him well qualified to serve as provost; however, he has only recently expressed strong disagreement in the Chancellor’s implementation of the university’s goals and objectives, which are established by the Board of Trustees, the President and the Chancellor. Given the short amount of time Gary has served as provost I would have preferred that he would have given us more time for his concerns to be addressed. The board and I strongly support the direction that Chancellor Cheng is taking the university. Fundamental change at any large institution is never easy and can only be accomplished through teamwork and a shared vision.”

At this point in time, there is no immediate timetable for the selection of an interim provost. Those details will be released in the near future.

For more information contact:

Rod Sievers Office of the Chancellor Assistant to the Chancellor for Media Relations Southern Illinois University Carbondale 618/453-2813 or 618/521-9395