Dona Bachman

(Photos by Andrea Hahn)

January 19, 2011

Ten questions with ... Dona Bachman

Job on campus/department you work in: Director, University Museum and Museum Studies

How long at SIUC: Since January 2002

Hometown: The Midwest

When you were a youngster, what did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher, or an antique dealer

People don’t know that you … Love Gilbert & Sullivan.

If you could choose another profession, what would it be and why? I would get me to a nunnery. No, seriously – I’m neither Catholic nor so inclined, but any peaceful place draws me.

What was the first “album” you ever bought, and was it an LP, 8-track or CD? Rolling Stones -- LP

If you could pick an actor/actress to play you in a movie, who would you pick and why? Joan Cusack

What is one random fact about you? I love the beautiful more than the sublime.

Cats or dogs? Cats.

What is your favorite food and why? Shortbread -- sugar and salt, of course.

What is your pet peeve? Awkward writing.

What would you like your gravestone to say about you? She was kind.