Violet Juno and Ron Coulter

Redvixa returns to Southern Illinois University Carbondale -- Violet Juno and Ron Coulter are Redvixa, a sound performance duo exploring the frontier where sound and performance meet. Coulter is a faculty member at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and Juno is a coordinator with the Alameda County Arts Commission in California. (Photo provided) Download Photo Here

January 18, 2011

Redvixa brings sound performance to Kleinau

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- If a person wanted to make major life changes, he or she might begin with a paper shredder.

“Shred It All,” a new performance created by Redvixa, the sound performance duo of Ron Coulter and Violet Juno, comes to Kleinau Theater at Southern Illinois University Carbondale at 8 p.m. on Jan. 22.

The free performance uses paper-based environments, costumes and instruments to explore paper and its role in our lives -- the difference between what is said and what is written, between what is real and what is just “on paper.”

“You drink from it, your birth and death are recorded on it, you use it for legal tender, you push it, you shuffle it, you work for years to obtain a single piece of it,” Redvixa says of paper. This performance challenges the audience to consider what is permanent and what is ephemeral, and how paper makes it so.

Coulter and Juno will offer a lecture, also free admission, about artistic collaboration. The lecture begins at 4 p.m. on Jan. 21 in the Kleinau Theater.

The separate components of Redvixa are SIUC School of Music percussionist Ron Coulter and performance artist Violet Juno. Coulter is senior lecturer in percussion, the force behind the SIUC Percussion Group and the SIUC Improvisation Unit (siuIU), and a member of several musical ensembles, including the SIUC-based New Arts Jazztet. Juno is the Art IS Education featured event coordinator for the Alameda County Arts Commission in California and a performance artist and teacher specializing in staged solo performance, sound performance and site-specific performance.

Together, Redvixa blend their performance identities to become “soundperformancers” --explorers of the frontier where sound and performance meet. Between the two of them, they have performed or taught in five countries, 43 states and more than 300 cities, with venues ranging from traditional stages to less conventional sites such as a grocery store and an onion barn.

Among their upcoming projects are, for Coulter, a European tour as a soloist with the Linux Laptop Orchestra, and, for Juno, a feature in the online performance journal “Liminalities.”