Jeannie Killian

(Photos by Pete Rosenbery)

October 06, 2010

Ten Questions with ... Jeannie Killian

Job on campus/department you work in: Developmental Skills Training Specialist/Academic Advisor -- Center for Academic Success

How long at SIUC: 26+ years

Hometown: Du Quoin. Ill.

If you could choose another profession, what would it be and why? Psychoneuroimmunologist. I believe in the power of humor on the human condition.

What is something you still want to accomplish in life? Finish writing my humor novel.

People don’t know that you … were separated from a twin brother at birth.

Who inspired you and how? Junior high gym teacher once told me, “Skills pays the bills.” It always stuck.

What was the first “album” you ever bought, and was it an LP, 8-track or CD? I bought Jimi Hendrix’s “Band of Gypsys,” but my mom made me take it back. So I bought the Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

If you could pick an actor/actress to play you in a movie, who would you pick, and why? Kathy Bates. Who else to play a knife-wielding narcissistic psychopath from Tennessee?

What is one random fact about you? I taste colors.

Cats or dogs? Dogs. Cats plot/dogs play.

What is your pet peeve? Not in priority order: People who don’t use coasters; made up car names that aren’t real words; double negatives; tapping of any kind; people who don’t turn right on red; cutesy intentional misspellings; all the “yes, but” people; fax machines that call my cell phone; ice cream with freezer burn; people who ask, “Can I ask you a question”; air guitar; using your finger as a gun; telemarketers; gray snow that won’t melt; sagging pants; speed bumps and double dippers; grocery shopping carts with a bad wheel.

Favorite cartoon character? Wile E. Coyote.

What would you like your gravestone to say about you? “Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus Deus – Bidden or not bidden, God is present,” or “Excuse my Dust,” or “I told you I was sick!”