August 25, 2010

Medco Pharmacy Network Changing

Effective Sept. 1, the Retail Maintenance Network for Medco will have significant changes in the pharmacies in the network. The change in the network is due to the renegotiation of the Medco Maintenance Network contracts with retail pharmacies. Members of Health Alliance Illinois, Humana-Winnebago and HealthLink OAP and the Quality Care Health Plan who utilize a retail pharmacy for a 90-day supply of their maintenance medication for two co-payments could be affected.

(Please note: Health Alliance Illinois, as listed above, should not be confused with Health Alliance HMO, which is the carrier for the majority of SIUC employees. If you are enrolled in Health Alliance HMO these changes do not apply to you.)

Members should refer to the ‘Maintenance Pharmacy Network – Effective 9/1/10’ listing on the Benefits website at for a list of participating pharmacies that will continue to offer the 90-day supply of maintenance medication for two co-payments after Sept. 1.

As Medco continues to negotiate with the pharmacies, the number of participating pharmacies may increase over the coming weeks. Members whose pharmacy has not signed the contract by Sept. 1 may wish to receive their maintenance medication through Medco’s Mail Order Program (application on the CMS Benefits website under Forms). Members may also want to check with their physician to determine if their prescription can be substituted for a generic drug offered at a discount through some big box pharmacies (such as Wal-Mart and Target) or may wish to transfer their prescription to a participating pharmacy.

For questions, please contact the Human Resources Benefits Office at 453-6668.