July 14, 2010

Flags lowered to honor slain officer

Under a proclamation signed by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, the United States flag and the Illinois flag are to be at half-staff at all State of Illinois facilities in honor of a Chicago police officer killed in a police parking lot last week.

Flags are at half-staff until sunset, Thursday, July 15, in honor of Chicago Police Department Officer Thor Soderberg.

Reports say that Soderberg, 43, died Wednesday, July 7, from injuries received in the shooting. Reports say a man approached Soderberg from behind as the officer was returning to his parked squad car. The two men struggled, and the suspect shot Soderberg with the officer’s own gun after disarming him, according to reports. Soderberg was an 11-year police department veteran and assigned to the department’s Education and Training Division.

Police later shot and injured the suspect after the man fired at police. The suspect is facing first-degree murder, attempted murder and armed robbery charges.