June 11, 2010

Media Advisory -- Summer Camps June 13-26

Reporters, photographers and news crews looking for interesting, entertaining summer activity stories will find many opportunities at the summer camps Southern Illinois University Carbondale is hosting in coming weeks.

The Division of Continuing Education coordinates the camps. The schedule for June 13-26, along with a brief camp description, good times to get stories, and contact information for each camp, includes:

• Summer Wings, two sessions: June 13-18 and June 20-25. Students from grades 9-12 get a chance to explore the world of flight with ground and flight training akin to that SIUC flight students undergo, even utilizing University flight training devices and aircraft. Activities will take place at the Southern Illinois Airport and on campus. For details, contact Lorelei Ruiz at 618/453-9265.

• Tennis Camp I, June 13-16. Residential and commuter campers from grades 7-12 will improve their tennis skills and knowledge with help from the University’s tennis coaching staff and college players. Find campers on the campus tennis courts Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. or 8:30-11:30 a.m. Monday through Wednesday. To learn more, call Audra Nothwehr at 618/559-8020.

• Challenge to Excellence Camp I (Junior High), June 13-18. Academically talented students from grades 6-8 hone their higher-level thinking skills in various areas of academia during this residential/commuter camp. Their activities happen around campus so call John McIntyre at 618/536-2441 for more information.

• Eco U summer nature day camps meet 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, and youngsters who will be in grades two through seven this fall will attend two camps set for the coming weeks. Animal Adventures is June 14-18 and participants will study amazing animals and habitats. Survival 101 is June 21-25, giving youths hands-on learning about how Native Americans used the land to meet their basic needs. The camps meet at the Touch of Nature Environmental Center, located about eight miles south of Carbondale on Giant City Road. At Eco U, children enhance their knowledge about the environment and nature via entertaining, educational, hands-on activities. For more information or to set up media coverage, call 618/453-1122, extension 250, or e-mail kateh4@siu.edu.

• Camp Little Giant continues its summer schedule with several more therapeutic recreation camps for those with disabilities. Camp Olympia III is June 13-18 for young adults and adults with high care needs, low mobility or those using wheelchairs. Camp Traditions I is June 20-25 for adults 21 and older with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities. Camp Traditions II serves the same populations as Camp Traditions I but is from June 20 to July 2. The camps provide those with disabilities a true summer camp experience at the Touch of Nature Environmental Center. To arrange a media visit, contact Vicki Lang-Mendenhall at 618/453-1122, ext. 231 or e-mail vickil@siu.edu.

• Girls Softball Hitting and Defense Camp, June 14-16. Girls in grades 3-12 get personalized instruction in hitting and bunting and for their defensive positions using assorted drills. The camp is 9 a.m. to noon each day at Sports Blast and the Carbondale Superblock. For more information, contact Kerry Blaylock or Christy Connoyer at 618/453-5311.

• Boys’ Basketball Half Day Camp, June 14-17. The emphasis of this camp for grades 3-8 is on offensive skills development, team play, contests, shooting, ball handling, passing and fun. The camp runs 9 a.m. to noon at the Student Recreation Center. For additional details, contact Brad Korn at 618/453-4667.

• Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp, June 14-18. Children in grades 1-4 are on Stehr Field 9 a.m. to noon while grades 5-12 play from 1 to 4 p.m. Participants will improve soccer skills and knowledge with a variety of fun activities and learning experiences. For more information, contact Lorrie Lefler at 618/536-7751.

• Tennis Camp II, June 18-20. Commuters in grades 3-12 enhance their tennis skills with assistance from University coaching staff and players. See them on the tennis courts 9-11:30 a.m. daily. For more details, contact Audra Nothwehr at 618/559-8020.

• Volleyball Defensive Specialist Clinic, June 19. Players in grades 6-12 will work on specialized defensive skills 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at locations around campus. To learn more, contact Brenda Winkeler at 618/453-4573.

• TV News Camp, June 20-25. Youths in grades 9-12 will explore the world of television news including broadcast writing, producing, performance, videography, editing and field reporting. They even get to tape their very own newscast at the end of the week. The camp meets 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, primarily in the Communications Building. To find out more, contact Jason Hartz at 618/453-4303.

• Challenge to Excellence Camp II (High School), June 20-25. Academically talented high school students enhance their academic and thinking skills in various areas with activities all over the campus. For details about the camp with residential and commuter options, contact John McIntyre at 618/536-2441.

• Engineering Day Camp, June 21-23. This program gives youths in grades 6-8 enhanced knowledge about engineering via hands-on experiments, demonstrations and working with engineering faculty and students. The camp meets 9 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Engineering Building. For additional information, contact Julie Eisenhauer or John Nicklow at 618/453-4321.

• Volleyball Junior High Camp, June 21-23. Youths in grades 6-8 will work on fundamental volleyball skills and teamwork in this residential camp at locations around campus. Contact Brenda Winkeler at 618/453-4573 to find out more.

• Tennis Academy I, June 21-25. Youths from grades 7-12 will participate in competitive drills, instruction and match play with direction from the Saluki tennis coaches and players 10 a.m.-noon each day at the tennis courts. For details, contact Dann Nelson at 618/201-8476.

• Kid Architecture Camp Session I, June 21-25. Children in grades 4-6 learn about the built environment and architecture through hands-on projects, field trips and activities under the direction of Jon Davey, architecture professor. A popular camp for more than 20 years, it has earned numerous awards and national recognition. Media can come to the parking lot at the corner of Mill and Washington streets at 9:45 a.m. June 22 when campers will be creating mosaic steppingstones. To learn more about the camp, contact Davey at 618/559-8931.

• 12th Annual Young Writers Workshop, June 22-26. Students in grades 10-12 explore and develop their talents for writing poetry and prose with creative writing faculty and graduate students helping. Some participants will reside on campus and others commute, but they’ll be involved in activities at various locations on campus 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day. For additional information, contact Allison Joseph at 618/453-6829.

Additional information for these camps and other 2010 summer camps and workshops is online at https://www.dce.siu.edu or you can contact the Division of Continuing Education at 618/536-7751.