April 27, 2010

Kleinau Theatre to host ‘The Amnesiac’s Diary’

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- With end-of-the-academic-year activity reaching fever pitch, it’s easy to forget some of the lesser details. A performance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, set for this weekend, examines what happens when a forgotten detail is in fact a person’s identity.

“The Amnesiac’s Diary,” written and directed by graduate student Susannah Bunny LeBaron, comes to Kleinau Theatre April 29-May 1, with performances at 8 p.m. Tickets are $7 for general admission and $5 for students. Tickets are available before the performance at the Kleinau Theatre box office. Kleinau Theatre is on the second floor of the Communications Building.

“The Amnesiac’s Diary” follows the existential adventures of the Amnesiac, Memory, and The Diary, with appearances from music, baking and a sewing machine. Described as an “absurdist, multi-sensory romp through the disappointments and disorientation of memory loss,” this performance also features additional material generated by the cast.

This is the last performance of the regular Kleinau season. Upcoming Spotlight performances are May 5 and May 8, both at 8 p.m. and both free of admission. The Spotlight performances feature highlights from performance art classes this year. The May 5 performance features some of the best of “Performing Culture” and the May 8 performance some of the best of several advanced classes.

The Student Fine Arts Activity Fee helps support the performance art presentations at Kleinau Theatre.