April 13, 2010

Event will celebrate Fuller’s life, legacy

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- An event celebrating the life and legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller and the 50th anniversary of the R. Buckminster and Anne Hewlett Fuller Dome Home’s construction is coming to Carbondale April 18-22.

Fuller taught at SIUC from 1959 to 1971 and was on the cover of the Jan. 10, 1964 “Time” magazine. He touted and popularized the geodesic dome style of construction. He holds dozens of patents and many consider him “the father of sustainability.”

“The influence of Bucky Fuller and his work are far-reaching. He was a tremendous design thinker. His legacy at SIUC and beyond is still evident to this day and many students, faculty and people around the world recognize it. He is world-renowned still. He was a special man with big ideas,” said Walter V. Wendler, director of the School of Architecture, one of the numerous units and organizations in and outside of the University sponsoring or supporting The Fuller Dome Transformation Initiative.

The Fuller Dome Transformation Initiative features a variety of guest speakers, special events, entertainment and activities for all ages. The keynote speaker is Thomas Zung, educator, former Fuller architectural partner and the man who led the U.S. Postal Service to issue the R. Buckminster Fuller commemorative stamp. Also the evening of April 18, those in attendance will enjoy performances by several bands and artists featured on the “Roam To A Dome Home” CD recorded in the Fuller dome home.

Carbondale’s town square will take on a whole new look on April 19 for the Dome Building Festival and Doghouse Dome Design Competition. See a big globe built on site or help assemble a soft building block home. Or, team with others to create doggie dome domiciles.

Initiative participants can also learn about doing more with less, Fuller’s vision of sustainability and his legacies, initiatives and innovations. Find out about his “Dymaxion” car, too. Special guests for the event include Allegra Fuller Snyder, daughter of Buckminster and Anne Fuller. A professor emerita of dance and dance ethnology at UCLA, she will participate in a discussion panel highlighting her integration of her father’s work into movement and dance. Also participating are Joe Clinton, an expert on Fuller’s geometric design and design scientist with more than 40 years experience, and Medard Gabel, author and co-founder of the World Game Institute with Buckminster Fuller.

All-event passes are available for the five-day fundraising event designed to help with dome home restoration efforts. Or, participants can attend individual events at their choosing. For more information about The Fuller Dome Transformation Initiative, including the complete schedule of events, look online at www.BuckysDome.org.