April 08, 2010

Trustees approve faculty promotions, tenure

by K.C. Jaehnig

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees, meeting in Edwardsville, today (April 8) ratified academic promotions and granted tenure for SIUC faculty members. Promotions take effect July 1, while tenure awards are effective Aug. 16.

Following is list of those promoted (grouped by rank, with academic units and places of residence, where available, noted). Those receiving tenure have a “t” in parentheses after their names.

• From associate professor to professor:

Cheryl L. Anderson, law (Carbondale); Andrew D. Carver, forestry (Carbondale); Peter M. Chametzky, art and design (Carbondale); Frank M. Chipasula (t), black American studies (Makanda)Eric Ferre, geology (Carbondale); Timothy J. Fink, music (Carbondale); James E. Garvey, zoology (Makanda); Qingfeng Ge, chemistry and biochemistry (Murphysboro)Scott E. Ishman, geology (Carbondale); Karen L. Jones, animal science, food and nutrition (Carbondale); Patricia R. McCubbin, law;Walter C. Metz, cinema and photography (Makanda)Daniel V. Overturf, cinema and photography (Murphysboro)Stephen C. Shih, information systems and applied technologies; S. Alan Walters, plant, soil and agricultural systems (Carbondale)John T. Warren (t), speech communication (Murphysboro).

• From assistant professor to associate professor:

Shaikh S. Ahmed (t), electrical and computer engineering; Craig K. Anz (t), architecture; Xiaoxin W. Beardsley (t), finance;Lowell W. Berentsen (t), aviation technologies (Carterville); Douglas L. Berger (t), philosophy (Carbondale); David R. Burns(t), radio-television; George W. Burruss (t) criminology and criminal justice (Makanda); Sandra K. Collins (t), allied health (Carterville);

Saran Donahoo (t), educational administration and higher education (Carbondale); Asghar Esmaeeli (t), mechanical engineering and energy processes (Carbondale); Matthew J. Giblin (t), criminology and criminal justice (Carterville); Andrea Imre (t), library affairs; Michelle Y. Kibby-Faglier (t), psychology; J. Thomas Kidd (t), theater; Andrei A. Kolmakov (t), physics (Carbondale);Rhonda K. Kowalchuk (t), educational psychology and special education; Junghwa Lee (t), music;

Eric Lenz (t), music (Carbondale); C. Sebastian Loh (t), curriculum and instruction; Kanchan Mondal (t), mechanical engineering and energy processes; AKM M. Morshed (t), economics (Carbondale); Frackson Mumba (t), curriculum and instruction (Carbondale); Olusegun A. Ojewuyi (t), theater (Carbondale); Julie Partridge (t), kinesiology (Carbondale); David A. Rakowski(t), finance; Ulrich H. Reichard (t), anthropology (Carbondale);

Patrick J. Rottinghaus (t), psychology; Laurie R. Ryznyk (t), allied health (De Soto)Yanyan Sheng (t), educational psychology and special education; Stacy D. Thompson (t), curriculum and instruction (Carbondale)Mesfin Tsige (t), physics (Carbondale);John K. Voges (t), aviation management and flight (Goreville)Catherine Wagner (t), library affairs (Carbondale)Juliane P. Wallace (t), kinesiology (Cambria)Anthony K. Webster (t), anthropology; Belle S. Woodard (t), information systems and applied technologies; Shai Yeshayahu (t), architecture (Carbondale).

In addition, Judith A. Green, an associate professor of educational administration and higher education (Carbondale), andBenjamin Komnick, an assistant professor of automotive technology (Herrin), received tenure.

Also, Melissa Marlow and Sheila Simon (Carbondale), clinical associate professors in the School of Law, earned promotion to clinical professor.