March 01, 2010

SIUC fares well in regional ‘ADDY’ competition

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The creative talents of Southern Illinois University Carbondale students and professionals earned recognition recently in the American Advertising Federation ADDY regional competition.

Students received eight awards -- two gold, two silver and two bronze -- while SIUC’s University Communications earned three awards for marketing materials.

The department received a silver ADDY for a group of college brochures highlighting the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, College of Business, and College of Education and Human Services. One bronze ADDY was for the University’s student view book, “Shaped by Nature, Forged by Commitment.” A second bronze ADDY was for a faculty view book, “Living in Southern Illinois, Working at SIUC,” a publication designed to introduce prospective faculty members to what the University and region have to offer.

The tri-state competition at Southeast Missouri State University recognizes the work of advertising industry professionals in Southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and western Kentucky. The awards ceremony was Feb. 19.

Student winners were:

  • Kristina Kaganer, a junior majoring in advertising, Lake Zurich. She received a gold ADDY for her “WorkWoman” out-of-home advertising campaign for Craftsman Tools.
  • Natalie Waskel, a junior majoring in advertising, Niles. She received a gold ADDY for her Band-Aids’ “Everything Feels Better” poster campaign.
  • Eric Wallace, a junior majoring in advertising, Hickory Hills. He earned a silver ADDY for his “One Shot” magazine campaign for the Sony cube shot camera.
  • Four graduate students in Professor Katherine Frith’s graduate class earned a silver ADDY for their ‘L’Officiel Magazine” in the brochure category. The four students are: Beth Alongi, a graduate student in the professional media and media management program, Du Quoin; Dasha Bondareva, a master’s student with a focus on fashion magazines, Donetsk, Ukraine; Valentina Gabriel, a master’s student in the professional media and media management program, Lincolnwood; and Elizabeth Taylor, a doctoral student majoring in marketing, Carbondale.
  • Ashley Watkins, a senior majoring in radio-television, Downers Grove. She received a bronze ADDY for her magazine campaign for the Flip video camera.
  • Patrick Waldrop, a junior majoring in radio-television, Canton. He earned a bronze ADDY for his trade magazine ad “Vintage Meets Modern,” for Eastwood Guitars.
  • Aura Ord, a senior majoring in public relations, Xenia. She received a bronze ADDY for her point-of-sale “Pop Art” poster for Jones soda.
  • Four sections of Assistant Professor Linda Conway Correll’s spring 2009 copywriting Journalism 302 class teamed together in creating the “Washington DC/DE” newspaper self-promotion ad that commemorated the journalism department’s student trip to President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. The promotion won a bronze ADDY.

Correll’s students did seven of the winning campaigns. Gold ADDY winners automatically advance to district competition. Correll said she plans to also submit her students’ silver ADDY winners.

“In 2008, one of our silver ADDY students won silver at both district and national -- quite an accomplishment,” she said.