December 07, 2009

Public safety department offers anti-theft tips

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- It is the holiday season, and once again, Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Department of Public Safety is offering tips on ensuring your valuables don’t wind up as “gifts” for someone else.

Students reported two separate incidents of stolen textbooks from Morris Library. Police also received a report of a purse theft from an office in Faner Hall.

Thieves will sell textbooks for money.

SIUC police officer Scott Miller said it is important for University faculty, staff and students to lock the doors to their offices and residence hall rooms when they leave, and to pay close attention to their personal belongings.

“This time of year there tends to be an increase in some thefts due to the end of the school year,” Miller said.

He emphasized the importance of not leaving book bags and textbooks unattended for any length of time. He suggests students place an identifiable mark, such as their name, somewhere in their textbooks. Students should contact police and the three local bookstores to let them know of the textbook thefts, he said. Police also contact the bookstores, Miller said.

“Time is critical in recovering these items,” he said.

Students need to lock their rooms and secure personal belongings. Writing down serial numbers and using other identifiable markings is important. If students leave for an extended period of time, Miller suggests that easily transportable items -- such as iPods and laptop computers -- be included in the trip.

There are extra patrols in residence halls and academic buildings during each shift during University breaks.

For more information, call the SIUC Department of Public Safety at 618/453-3771 or log on to