July 17, 2009

Susan Logue named to associate provost post

by Tim Crosby

Susan Logue

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Susan Logue is the new associate provost for academic administration at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Logue, a former associate dean of Library Affairs at SIUC, has worked at the University for more than 30 years. She began her new duties in June after serving as acting and interim associate provost for academic administration, beginning in July 2007.

In her new position, Logue reports to Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor Don S. Rice and is responsible all or in part for many aspects of faculty personnel. Those areas include hiring, salaries, sabbatical reviews, relations with the Faculty Association and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association, grievances and formulating policies.

Logue will coordinate promotion reviews and issues regarding the immigration status of faculty members. She also is working with the group charged with formulating the University’s sexual harassment policy and its conflict of interest policy.

Logue currently is a member of a panel negotiating a new contract with the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association and will play a similar role in spring when negotiations with the Faculty Association begin, Rice said.

Her office is located in Anthony Hall.

Rice said Logue is a fine selection for the post.

“She’s a very pragmatic and straightforward person who is a quick study and a good people person,” he said. “She gets to the heart of the matter and can offer good, constructive criticism. I’m very glad she’s in this position.”

Logue earned a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science in 1994 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Advanced Technical Studies with an emphasis in photography and museum studies in 1992 at SIUC, as well as an Associate of Applied Sciences in photo production technology in 1986 at SIUC.

Logue became associate dean of library support services in January 2001. Officials appointed Logue acting associate provost for academic administration in July 2007, during which time she also served half-time as associate dean of library support services. She became interim associate provost for academic administration in December 2008.

During her long career in library affairs, Logue held a series of positions, including director of instructional support services, assistant instructional support services librarian, preservation unit coordinator, conservation laboratory manager, bindery preparation supervisor and others. She began work at the University in 1975.

Logue said her desire for new challenges made her new position a great fit.

“I’ve worked here at the University a really long time and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity for new challenges from time to time,” she said. “I also grew up in Southern Illinois and always felt that the University was a very honorable place to work. To have the opportunity to make a difference across the University was really invigorating for me.”

Logue said she will enjoy the communications aspects of the position and working with talented individuals across the faculty and administration.

“The nature of the job is working with employees, creating agreements and contracts but also resolving issues of concern,” she said. “I took the job with the expectation that I could do the right thing, resolve differences of opinions and issues. It’s always a challenge and very intellectually stimulating.”