May 27, 2009

New videos offer introduction to SIUC’s colleges

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- It may not be possible to explain every detail of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s “Ag School” in less than three minutes -- but a video that length can give a prospective student a pretty good idea of what the College of Agricultural Sciences is.

The Office of Enrollment Management, University Communications and the college deans at SIUC are in the final stages of creating a short video introduction to each college on campus. The videos feature students in the college talking about their experience at SIUC and other footage of activities particular to that college.

Phil Bankester, director of the Photocommunications unit in University Communications, said the project is an extension of video presentations created for use during Undergraduate Admissions’ open houses. The video uses similar visual styles as seen in recent award-winning print materials also created by the Office of Enrollment Management and University Communications.

“We believe that the videos will help us to let prospective students get a feel for each of the colleges and to encourage them to visit in person,” Victoria Valle, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management, said.

“These video introductions are meant to generate interest in the college and the departments and majors and minors within it,” Bankester said. “None of this was scripted. The dialogue is all from students.”

Students were also part of the production crew. Stacy Suhadolc, a radio-television major, conducted video interviews and Kevin Rogers, a recent graduate, acted as film editor for much of the project. Bankester said the group began working on the video introductions in the fall 2008 semester. Other members of the video crew are Photocommunications staff members John Mann and Chris Fark.

The College of Agricultural Sciences video is available now on the SIUC main Web page, at

The other videos will debut there and run for about a week before moving to the Undergraduate Admissions page at Each college may also post the videos on their individual Web pages.

Those interested in visiting campus during an open house may register online for the next open house, scheduled for July 17. There are also options for group and individual visits. Visit, call 618/536-4405, or email for more information.