May 22, 2009

Capital funding plan benefits SIU campuses

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- The Illinois House last night (May 21) passed a statewide capital funding plan that includes $168.1 million in construction funds for Southern Illinois University. The capital plan, approved with wide bi-partisan support in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, now awaits action by Gov. Pat Quinn.
The following SIU projects were authorized in HB312:

• SIU-Edwardsville -- Construct Science Lab, $78.9 million

• SIU-Carbondale --Construct Transportation and Education Center, $56.7 million

• SIU-Carbondale -- Morris Library Renovation and Equipment, $17.5 million

• SIU-Carbondale --Communications Building, $ 4.3 million

• SIU system -- $10.7 million for deferred maintenance projectsat SIUC and SIUE

“ Our legislative leaders, the SIU legislative delegation and Gov. Quinn deserve a great deal of credit for working in a bi-partisan manner to pass a comprehensive capital construction plan that will put thousands of construction workers in southern and southwestern Illinois back to work building green, energy-efficient facilities.” SIU President Glenn Poshard said. “The new projects outlined in the plan will not only help alleviate high unemployment in our area, but will also foster the continued growth and success of both of our campuses.”

SIUC Chancellor Samuel Goldman said, “These projects will be of great benefit to our students and staff as we continue to move forward at SIUC.”

Here are details on the projects:
Science Laboratory Renovations and New Construction (Construction) -- $78,867,340
The Science Building was constructed in 1966. The building houses classrooms, instructional laboratories, and research laboratories for multiple disciplines. The growth of programs in the basic and health sciences, along with the recognition of the importance of laboratory experiences for general education, has placed increasing demands on this aging facility and has strained the capacity of the building and the academic programs to the point of severely limiting their functionality. Piecemeal modifications to the building to accommodate programmatic changes have also taxed the building’s HVAC, electrical and mechanical systems. Project costs are estimated to be $81.8 million. This includes asbestos abatement, renovation of a portion of the existing building, and construction of a new building. Moveable equipment needs have not yet been determined.
Transportation Education Center (Construction) -- $56,718,800
The Transportation Education Center (TEC) is a student-oriented educational facility to be built at Southern Illinois Airport to serve SIUC’s Applied Transportation Degree programs. This facility will bring together automotive and aviation degree programs, students and faculty in one location. The total square footage is estimated to be 249,016 gross square feet consisting of a main facility (168,780 gsf), 757 hanger (37,776 gsf), fleet storage (31,200 gsf), and an engine test facility (11,260 gross square feet). On the completion of the TEC, the Carterville campus facilities (approximately 94,000 gross square feet) will be demolished. Total project cost is estimated at $62,830,800 (includes the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design -- or LEEDS -- certification).
Communications Renovation/Addition (Planning) -- $4,255,400
The Communications Building was constructed in 1964 to accommodate the programs of what then was known as the College of Communications and Fine Arts (it is now the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts) and its growing technical needs as well as increased enrollment. This project will provide an addition to the existing Communications Building of approximately 60,000 square feet and provide additional infrastructure improvements as well as extensive remodeling to the existing building, equipment upgrades and technology enhancements. The addition would provide new classroom space, fully equipped and flexible auditorium space, laboratory rooms, digital post-production suites, and reflect the growing trend toward media convergence in a combined broadcast-print newsroom. Total project cost is estimated at $70,022,400.
Morris Library Renovation/Addition (Construction/Equipment) -- $17,564,400
Morris Library was built in two phases, with the first three floors and basement having been completed in 1956. In 1964, four additional floors were completed, providing a total of approximately 272,673 square feet. The immediate needs of the library include improving general conditions in the facility as well as additional space to accommodate technology that has changed enormously since the facility was built. Planning funds were released in fiscal year 2002, and construction funds were released in fiscal year 2003. A grand re-opening of the renovated and expanded library took place this spring; these funds will cover the cost of moving books and moveable shelving from the McLafferty Annex to the library, as well as completion of the sixth and seventh floors. Total project cost is estimated at $57,173,300.
Deferred Maintenance funds allocation:
SIU-Carbondale -- $7,312,500
SIU-Edwardsville -- $3,433,800
(For further information, contact contactDave Gross in the SIU President’s Office, 217/545-8080