April 02, 2009

Promotions awarded to 50 faculty members

by K.C. Jaehnig

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Academic promotions taking effect with next year’s contract have been awarded to 50 Southern Illinois University Carbondale faculty members.

Tenure awards, ratified today (April 2) by the SIU Board of Trustees during its meeting in Edwardsville, and effective Aug. 16, were granted to all 30 assistant professors receiving promotions. Associate professors Karen R. Canepi of library affairs and Elizabeth W. Freeburg of workforce education and development also received tenure.

The following have moved up (grouped by rank, with academic units and places of residence where available noted).

• From associate professor to professor:

Steven P. Belletire, art and design (Marion); Laura L. Dreuth, social work (Carbondale); Daniel J. Dyer, chemistry and biochemistry (Murphysboro); Katherine T. Frith, journalism; Kathy A. Hytten, educational administration and higher education (Carbondale); Elaine T. Jurkowski, social work (Carbondale); Charla J. Lautar, allied health (Marion); Khalid Meksem, plant, soil and agricultural systems (Carbondale); Jerry C. Monteith, art and design (Carbondale);

Mark Peterson, finance (Carterville); Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, rehabilitation (Carbondale); Kathleen Chwalisz Rigney, psychology; Dwight R. Sanders, agribusiness economics (Carbondale); Nathan P. Stucky, speech communication (Carbondale); Suresh K Tadisina, management (Carbondale); Mary K. Taylor, library (Carbondale); Mark K. Varns, theater (Makanda); Stewart P. Wessel, architecture (Murphysboro); Karl W. J. Williard, forestry (Makanda); James J. Zaczek, forestry (Makanda).

• From assistant professor to associate professor:

Amer AbuGhazaleh, animal science, food and nutrition (Carbondale); Sara G. Baer, plant biology (Carbondale); Loretta L. Battaglia, plant biology (Murphysboro); Zsolt Becsi, economics (Carbondale); Michael Brazley, architecture (Carbondale); Deborah Bruns, educational psychology and special education (Carbondale);

Rodney K. Brunson, crime, delinquency and corrections (Birmingham, Ala.); Cade Bursell, cinema and photography (Murphysboro); Mark S. Byrd, physics (Murphysboro); Maria Calbi, physics (Carbondale); Michael Coffman, information systems and applied technology (Carbondale); Luciano Debeljuk, allied health (Carbondale); Peter J. Fadde, curriculum and instruction (West Lafayette, Ind.); Ahmad M. Fakhoury, plant, soil and agricultural systems (Carbondale);

Stephanie Graves, library (Murphysboro); Reza Habib, psychology; Daniel P. Hillyard, crime, delinquency and corrections (Carbondale); Punit Kohli, chemistry and biochemistry (Carbondale); Meera Komarraju, psychology (Carbondale); Melissa A. Mackey, music; James A. Mathias, mechanical engineering and energy processes (Carbondale);

Jay Needham, radio-television (Carbondale); Seburn L. Pense, plant, soil and agricultural systems (Carbondale); Stacia Robertson, rehabilitation; Mark F. Schultz, law (Carbondale); James Sissom, information systems and applied technology (Herrin); Ralph Tate, information systems and applied technology (Carterville); Luke T. Tolley, chemistry and biochemistry (Carbondale); Jian Xiong, library (Carbondale); Andrew Youpa, philosophy (Carbondale).