March 26, 2009

Saluki Spokes helps keep bicyclists rolling

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- As the temperature rises, bicycles seem to proliferate across the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus and around the region.

Saluki Spokes is a new service at SIUC to help those who bike to work, school or for fun or exercise keep their environmentally friendly alternative modes of transportation in working order. There are two Saluki Spokes locations: at the Craft Shop in the lower level of the Student Center, and at the Student Recreation Center.

Saluki Spokes offers a variety of services, including loaning bike locks for use during time on campus and lending wrenches, screwdrivers and oil for basic bike repairs and adjustments. Fix-A-Flat kits are available for purchase.

Saluki Spokes isn’t a bike repair shop but staff members at both locations are dedicated to helping students, staff members, recreational cyclists and campus visitors with bike repairs while they’re on campus. You need a valid Dawg Tag or driver’s license to borrow tools, locks and so forth. You’ll find the Saluki Spokes tools inside the buildings but bikes must remain outside.

Students in the Art and Design 327 class of lecturer Aaron W. Scott are, as a class project, creating a graphic design for Saluki Spokes.

A basic bike repair workshop last weekend kicked off operations for Saluki Spokes, the 2008 Student Affairs Innovation Award-winning service.

Operation hours for Saluki Spokes are the same as the Student Center Craft Shop hours. The Student Center location will host additional bicycle repair workshops in the future. To find out more about hours, upcoming workshops and other Saluki Spokes details, look online at