January 14, 2009


RETIREES, November 2008
  • James Lawless, supervisor, dishroom. University Housing-SIUC; 11 years of service.
  • Rhonda Seeber, director. School of Medicine Carbondale Administration CORE-SIU School of Medicine, Carbondale; 32 years of service.
  • Richard Waller, foreman, building service. Physical Plant Service-SIUC; 13 years of service.
NEW HIRES, November 2008
  • Scott Bolte, worker, building service. Physical Plant Service-SIUC.
  • Charles Bracewell, extra help skilled crafts. Physical Plant Service-SIUC.
  • Stephen Brock, associate, information technology technical. Information Technology-SIUC.
  • Linda Clemons, director. Financial Aid Office-SIUC.
  • Valerie Clodi, telecommunicator, police. Department of Public Safety-SIUC.
  • Deborah Dalton, helper, kitchen. University Housing-SIUC.
  • Debalina Dasgupta, researcher II. Illinois Clean Coal Institute-SIUC.
  • David Day, researcher III. Zoology-SIUC.
  • Robert Etherton, extra help skilled crafts. Physical Plant Service-SIUC.
  • Devin Fishel, researcher II. Forestry-SIUC.
  • Dawn Gwinn, extra help technical/paraprofessional. Workforce Education and Development-SIUC.
  • Daniel Johnson, extra help technical/paraprofessional. Education and Curriculum-School of Medicine, Carbondale.
  • Allisa Lanier, extra help clerical/secretarial. Center for Academic Success-SIUC.
  • Adam Loos, clerk. Library Affairs-SIUC.
  • Cathy Lusch, associate, office support. University Housing-SIUC.
  • Laurel Mabry, extra help technical paraprofessional. New Student Programs-SIUC.
  • Kevin Mayberry, associate, information technology technical, and extra help technical/paraprofessional. Bursar-SIUC.
  • Dennis Presley, coordinator. Rural Health and Social Service Development Center-SIUC.
  • James Rogers, extra help skilled crafts. Physical Plant Service-SIUC.
  • Tammy Sanders, assistant, office support. Division of Continuing Education-SIUC.
  • Audrey Sierman, researcher I. Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale.
  • Leah Suddarth, extra help professional non-faculty. Vice Chancellor Student Affairs-SIUC.
  • Glory Thompson, helper, kitchen. University Housing-SIUC.
  • John Tipsword, associate, information technology technical. Information Technology-SIUC.
  • Lauren Tysh, advisor, program. ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs-SIUC.
  • Derrick Williams, coordinator. Student Health Center-SIUC.
  • Christina Yankey, helper, kitchen. University Housing-SIUC.