December 18, 2008

Deadline nears to vote on SIUC tagline, lettermark

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Are Southern Illinois University Carbondale Salukis “a different breed?” Or is SIUC a university with “no boundaries”?

Salukis -- current, former, future or at heart -- have just a few more days to vote on official University lettermarks and taglines.

Visit the Web site, an official SIUC marketing and community page, to see the proposals for both lettermark and tagline. Vote online for your chance to have a say in how the University presents itself to the public.

A lettermark is a stylized design identifying the University by its initials. It is different than the official University “wordmark,” which is the familiar Pulliam clock tower logo with the words “Southern Illinois University Carbondale.” The lettermark can be used in place of the wordmark on promotional materials, clothing and other publications or materials where the wordmark would be difficult or inconvenient to use.

A tagline is a like a slogan that describes, in five words or less, something that is unique to the University. It should be a phrase that people will, over time, automatically associate with SIUC.

Many universities, like many businesses, use identifiers such as workmarks, lettermarks and taglines to present a consistent and recognizable face to the public. This Web site vote is the University’s way of involving the greater SIUC community in determining how we will do this.

Voting remains open until Jan. 4, 2009.