October 20, 2008

Housing staff wins awards at annual conference

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Staff from Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s University Housing claimed the spotlight in more ways than one at this week’s Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO) annual conference. SIUC representatives served very active roles during the event and left the November conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a number of awards and leadership positions.

Julie Payne Kirchmeier, director of University Housing, won the Professional Development Award. She also presented two programs, one about assessment and the other regarding women’s issues, and both collected Top 10 Program Awards for the conference.

Peggy Connors, associate director of Residence Hall Dining, brought home the Outstanding Commitment to Sustainability award. Kathie Lorentz, coordinator of Academic Excellence Programs, won the Commitment to Academics Award.

Carol Blade, assistant hall director at Neely Hall, claimed the Newcomer’s Scholarship for Illinois. She and Chris de Kok, assistant hall director at Allen Hall, participated in the pre-master’s case study too. De Kok also teamed with Gena Stack, hall director for University Hall, in presenting a program, “The Next Step in Your Journey: Navigating the Job Search Process.” Maggie Leitch, Neely Hall’s hall director, and Ellen Malito, hall director for Mae Smith, participated in the post-master’s case study.

SIUC teamed with SIU Edwardsville and Eastern Illinois University to win the 2010 Conference bid. Keith McMath, assistant director of Residence Life at SIUC, is the official 2010 Conference host and will serve on the GLACUHO board for the next two years. In addition, Beth Scally, education and outreach associate director, will continue serving as chair of the GLACUHO Board of Directors editorial committee.

GLACUHO includes college and university housing staff from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. GLACUHO is one of the 14 regional organizations affiliated with the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International. Advancing the collegiate housing profession is the organization’s goal and collaborating with other members provides access to valuable services, events and opportunities, SIUC University Housing officials said.