October 30, 2008

Engineering college seeks scholarship applicants

by Tim Crosby

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Students who want a career in manufacturing engineering and are studying at community colleges can pursue their dreams of higher education with a scholarship at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The Blaudow/ATS Technical Leadership Program in Manufacturing helps student engineers make the transition from community college to the University. The scholarship program, administered by the College of Engineering at SIUC, recruits the top students in manufacturing engineering from around the state who are finishing up their community college careers.

John W. Nicklow, associate dean and professor in the College of Engineering, said the program pays a substantial portion of SIUC tuition and gives recipients valuable leadership experience, both in the industry and university training.

Now is the time to apply for the scholarship, which provides $14,000 for tuition and fees, two, three-month paid internships and leadership courses. The deadline is Feb. 1.

Advanced Technology Systems Inc., its founder, Richard W. Blaudow and wife, Brigitte, funded the scholarship and leadership training program with a $250,000 donation in 2006. Blaudow is a 1970 SIUC graduate, earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering technology.

ATS provides managed services for production equipment maintenance, industrial parts repair and industrial technology infrastructure support for manufacturers. The program is aimed at identifying and supporting the future engineering leaders who will help sustain American manufacturing.

Students in all engineering specialties are eligible for the program. A committee made up of personnel from the College of Engineering and ATS pick the recipients each year.

To be eligible for the program and scholarship, students must:

• Be community college transfer students with 48 credit hours that are applicable to an engineering degree from SIUC

• Be a U.S. citizen

• Demonstrate leadership accomplishments

• Possess military or entrepreneurial experience

• Demonstrate academic performance

• Demonstrate financial need

Students interested in applying should contact the SIUC College of Engineering for an application. Fill out the application, including a resume and cover letter, and send it to: John Nicklow, associate dean, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, College of Engineering, 1230 Lincoln Drive, Mailcode 6603, Carbondale, IL 62901.

For more information, call at 618/453-4321, or visit http://www.engr.siu.edu/scholarships/transfer.html.